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Full Circle

Week of June 16, 2001

Twenty years ago the PC was a big thing, and the PC was inexorably tied to a Microsoft operating system.

Twenty years later the PC is still a big thing, but it is no longer tied to Microsoft. We've come full circle.

Twenty years ago the PC was a cool programming environment. Twenty years ago we didn't have many video RAM mapping systems to use. We couldn't get full screen control. We needed escape sequences to send to 2KB RAM buffers to run screens. This was yucky.

Twenty years ago UNIX would not fit comfortably on a PC. Twenty years later it is the operating system of choice there.

The Extreme Power Tools were born out of a need to get some power into the PC programming environment. When that environment is no longer needed, the Extreme Power Tools lose their validity.

Unless something radically unforeseen happens between now and the end of the year, the coming release of Extreme Power Tools - 2002 - will be the last. The product will still be available for those who wish to use it, but it will remain 'as is' from then on.

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