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Week of August 3, 2001

Here it comes again - the blather. Microsoft is rolling out a new product. The parrots have been given crackers and are very willing to talk. Watch out for these guys.

Ted Waitt, co-founder and CEO of Gateway:

We're very excited about the possibilities that Windows XP delivers to our customers. With this new flexibility, we're looking forward to taking Windows XP to the next level, tailoring technology to meet our customers' needs.

Jim Allchin, group vice president for platforms at Microsoft:

Windows XP is an incredible step forward for end users and partners, unlocking the possibilities of the digital world. Windows XP provides new opportunities for companies throughout the hardware and software industries, especially PC manufacturers that have worked closely with us to create the best experience for customers.

Mike Larson, senior vice president and general manager of the Access Business Group at Compaq:

We're excited about Windows XP and the positive impact it will have on our industry. As a strong partner for more than 15 years, Compaq has worked closely with Microsoft throughout the extensive development of Windows XP. We are setting a new standard for simple, dependable and efficient computing.

Jim Totton, vice president of software for the Consumer Products Group at Dell:

Dell is excited about delivering Windows XP later this year. Dell is always interested in what's best for its customers, and the new levels of performance, ease of use and customization will combine for a great personal computing experience.


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