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Get a Great Reaction

Week of December 6, 2001

The IBM spread in CNET's Computer Shopper for Christmas 2001 ('Get a great reaction...') has a disclaimer at the bottom.

Certain Microsoft® product(s) included with this computer may use technological measures for copy protection. IN SUCH EVENT, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH THE PRODUCT ACTIVATION PROCEDURES.

OK Bill Gates, you reprehensible pig, screw you. You are going to get the great reaction IBM is talking about. Here's what we are going to do.

  • Keep your Wintel boxes to be sure, but never upgrade farther than 98SE and/or NT4 SP4.
  • Find those install CDs you have for the above operating systems and copy them and copy them again so neither your cat nor your dog can destroy them all.
  • Keep in touch with others who are doing the same. If your last copy of your precious operating system gets destroyed in a fire, borrow a CD from a friend and start burning new copies right away.
  • Start web sites where you offer earlier MS operating systems for download and shipping and handling cost delivery.
  • Use every opportunity you have to inform friends, relatives and anyone you meet of the risks inherent in buying a new box on High Street.
  • Support only those vendors which dare continue to sell Wintel boxes with at the latest 98SE and/or NT4 SP4. Tell your friends about these vendors and see they support only these vendors too.
  • Organise boycotts of vendors that foolishly push Windows XP.

And check out Apple's iBook. At $1100 it's a far sight better than anything Bill Gates was ever capable of. And it doesn't require product activation either.

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