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S3 The SpamStopper Stopper

Week of February 4, 2002

They're very happy at their end - and we're very happy at ours.

Very bold of Radsoft to claim that a little dinky application that only converts trivial mailto anchor HREFs into an obfuscated supposedly spam-proof equivalent should take less than a megabyte on disk, even if the target EXE in question is being engineered by the revered Maury of RAILhead Design. So put to it - put your money where your mouth is, Radsoft! Can you prove Maury's BONEhead app should have been 9.6KB on disk instead of 960KB?

We can do even better.

After a mere hour's work (most of the time spent to duplicate the fantastic ergonomic design of Maury's classic BONEhead app) we have the full equivalent - at four and one half kilobytes.

Click the screen shot to download.

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