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Anatomy of a Dag-Tag*

Week of February 6, 2002
Something get stuck to your email?

Here it is again - and yes it's obscene. But we can note a few things about it.

  1. Given the email addy this guy uses ('Adonis.No.Spam' <adonis1@CLUELESS.CA>) we can be reasonably certain that he has a very unattractive inflated opinion of himself.
  2. Given his origins (Canada, not France) there is no excuse for his piss-poor use of the language he is writing in.
  3. Given the fact that all he did was help out a friend, we can conclude that he is a rabid believer in the neosphere, where discovery of a bug puts one in the 'chosen few' category.
  4. Twenty three lines of tag and shit at the end of an email message is not only blatant abuse of SMTP, it points to a really daggy mind.
  5. The first quote in this elaborately sketched dag-tag has several misspellings and even renders the name of the author of the quote incorrectly. In other words, form is everything, content is nothing, brains cannot be found even by Interpol.
  6. The Ascii art borders on the pathologically insane.
  7. The final quote in the dag-tag reads like Eric Serra lyrics for the closing theme of a James Bond movie - you know, the kind of song Eric will write and sing himself and sneak onto the soundtrack when no one is looking.
  8. The 'under the last line' quote in the dag-tag is again a blatant abuse of the language being used.
  9. Finally - and perhaps most damningly - the character found towards the end of the line beginning 'RFCs are meant...' exposes the creator of the dag-tag as a user of Microsoft Word and thereby Windoze. This character has the value 85h and is part of the crime John Walker creator of AutoCAD calls 'Microsoft Moronization of the Internet'.

Version: PGP 7.1


The only secure computer is one that's unplugged, locked in a safe,
and buried 20 feet under the ground in a secret location... and i'm
not even too sure about that one'--Dennis Huges, FBI.
Live Well Do Good  www.CLUELESS.com                         |
Je Pense, Donc Je Suis                                    \(|)/
I know I ain't perfect, but i'm 99 point 9 percent :)    --(')--
RFCs are meant to be read and followed…:)                  /`\  NoClUE
Connect yourself to the main computer and let me take you to a
cybernetic ride. Are you connected to the right cybernet? If you are,
finally you are connected to my brain.
-=- Use a computer in a ways that ensure respect for your fellow     -=-

A dag, as any good Aussie will tell you, is what gets stuck to the butt-hole of a sheep after it's dropped its stool.
A dag-tag is the equivalent in an email message - it's a piece of shit that got stuck in the message but shouldn't have.
The mental capabilities of sheep and of people who use dag-tags are generally considered to be roughly equivalent.

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