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Poor Andy Ride

Week of March 3, 2002
Times are tough in Sherwood.

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TECHTV.COM are planning a 'story' criticizing the marketing tactics of
Evidence Eliminator. Rumors suggest it is due Monday 04 March 2002.

Although the 'story' has not yet aired, serious questions are already
raised over the supposed 'reporting' that is being employed, and what
TECHTV's intentions really are.

One source reportedly interviewed is Keith Little, the alleged
Internet stalker who is already facing numerous allegations in court
for allegedly harassing staff at another software manufacturer.

There are allegations oustanding that Mr Little sent false harassing
email concerning their President's little daughter and a pornographer.

Controversy already surrounds TECHTV's behaviour, especially in light
of the LYCOS scandal.

Check out our dis-information page for all the facts:


TECHTV was recently bought-out by Vulcan Inc the investment
organization of Paul G. Allen., co-founder of Microsoft...

Make sure you keep your ads highly visible - EE is making record sales!

Best Regards
Andy Churchill
Director, Robin Hood Software Ltd.
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