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Patch Number 45,803 Volume III

Week of March 15, 2002
Are you on the Internet or are you in your garage?


Good blast of indignation there ref IMs and what have you. You are a 
knowledgeable soul and I'd love to be able to agree with you and say 
something to effect of 'been there, had that'.

I can't because, quite simply, I just don't use the nonsense. Not 
ICQ, not MSN, not Yahoo whatever, not any other tripe they want to 
push down our internet pipes.

When I do need to chat with someone using this method, the date and 
time is arranged beforehand, and I use something called Jabber, 
which can tap into one or more of these systems and has none of the 
trouble that these blokes seem to have.

Now, as you might have gathered, I'm no tech-head. But I don't like 
things invading my PC. So, my answer is not to have these installed 
at all. If it's work, then I send an email, set a time and pick up 
the phone. If it isn't, and if IM is absolutely necessary, then the 
same procedure works fine.

I have little interest in what Jupiter or Cnet say about the 
epidemic or lack of it. Finally, I think that you are the master of 
your own threshold of frustration. The fewer spanners you throw in, 
the less indigestion you are likely to suffer. That comes to you 
courtesy of the department of obfuscatory metaphors.

A footnote: I also use an email program called The Bat which appears 
to be written by some utterly wonderful blokes in Moldova and which 
pours heaps of scorn upon the Outlook Express universe, all quite 
justified, in my view.

Second, I use Opera as a browser and not MSIE because, well, it just 
seems to ordinary blokes like me to be rather easier than looking 
for Patch Number 45,803 Volume III. I mean, a browser's there to get 
the info you want off the Net isn't it, not to replace whatever 
mechanical monstrosity you've got in your garage and which you 
tinker around with all weekend?


Rahul, Singapore
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