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Encouraging News

Week of March 27, 2002
Big Brother's pooped?

CNN reports that the Progress & Freedom Foundation reports that Ernst & Young reports that snooping and spying by the big online companies is on the decline. This encouraging news is based on a study of only 400 online sites - the top 100 and 300 more, picked 'at random' - conducted in December 2001.

According to the study, the proportion of the 100 most popular sites collecting personal information other than e-mail fell from 96% to 84%, and in the 'random sample' of smaller sites, the proportion fell from 87% to 74%.

That's supposed to be encouraging news. Maybe it is. But the facts remain.

As of December 2001:

  • 84 of the top 100 sites on the Internet are snooping on you.
  • Perhaps 74% of all sites online are doing it.

Don't be too encouraged.

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