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Incredible Mail

Week of 21 April 2002
Incredimail - Email has finally evolved! IncrediMail lets you take full control over what your emails look like. Select from hundreds of email backgrounds that fit any mood or occasion. The people you send IncrediMail emails to don't need to download anything in order to see these backgrounds!

  • 3D effects while sending, receiving, deleting your email.
  • Add exciting and lively animations to your email.
  • Insert emotion icons (emoticons) and dancing letters into the text of your email message.
  • Use your mouse to draw and use your handwritten signature in your emails.
  • Add various sounds and sayings to your emails at the click of a button.
  • Personalize your emails even more by adding your own voice to your emails.

Additional Features

  • Unique fonts
  • Old typewriter typing sounds
  • Multimedia Attachments Preview
  • Capturing Animations from the Web
  • Flash window indicating time and email status
  • Easy placement of your pictures in email
  • On the fly Spell Checker
  • Simple exchange of graphical content between users

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