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Hey Dave It's OK

Week of August 29, 2003

Hey Dave! It's OK. We forgive you. Even heroes make mistakes. Even the surest of foot stumble. Even the sun has spots.

And everyone knows those last years in Redmond weren't too pleasant - the way they inundated you with hundreds of half-baked programmers, each greener and more inept than the last, all in an effort to get you to churn out a Wizard-directed, GUI-equipped network server for them.

We remember your VMS, and we remember it fondly. We remember it as one of the most bullet-proof operating systems ever. And no offense to you, but we know your Prism aka Windows NT was simply a rewrite of VMS, with a few modern goodies thrown in.

Managers are ultimately responsible for the behaviour of their subordinates, but we don't fault you on this one. Things were out of control - as good a reason as any to go back to racing - and it wasn't because you let them get that way. No, you fought them tooth and claw the entire time you were there, and in the end had to concede the situation was hopeless.

You don't really want to see what they've done to your at times stellar NT code. They've made a mish-mosh out of it. All that GUI stuff you hate - as soon as you'd left town, they put it in, and in spades. Rolling tooltips - egads - and a system idle at 35% CPU usage. These people are incredibly stupid.

No, we don't hold your oversight against you. We don't blame you because one of the Microsofties you never liked did a typical Microsoftie thing with the RPC and you and Lou never caught it. You guys are allowed one mistake. You will not make another. On the other hand, Microsofties will always be Microsofties.

Dave, you're better off racing, or whatever you're doing today, wherever you're doing it, and those of us who know a bit about you of course wish you the very best. Don't get your head into a tizzy over this Blaster thing - the fault was caught, the patch was available.

It's not your fault that Microsoft are such a bunch of screw-ups that no one dared take Blaster seriously.

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