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Great Gates Quotes

Week of August 31, 2003

John Markoff interviewed Bill Gates for the Sunday New York Times 31 August 2003. One wonders naturally at whose behest this interview took place. Following are some choice quotes from the interview that almost literally scream with irony.

It's fairly obvious now that, in addition to everything else attributed to him over the years, William H Gates 3 is nearly 100% out of the loop - either that or he's a convincing actor.

Laugh or weep as is your choice.

'We've certainly made a lot of progress in terms of creating more reliable software.'

'We want the update process to work so automatically that in the future these problems won't happen.'

'Microsoft's reputation for doing great software research is very strong.'

'People are looking to us now and saying, 'no other software company has solved this; you, Microsoft, need to solve it.' We're rising to that challenge. The expectation they have of us is very high.'

'We've got to get the fixes to be automatically applied without our customers having to make a special effort.'

'We're doing our best to improve Windows.'

'Solving this will be fulfilling the commitment we made on trustworthy computing.'

'We're doing our very best, and that's all we can do.'

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