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Been Hurt By E-E?

Week of January 9, 2004

Have you been hurt by Evidence-Eliminator and Robin Hood Software? Now you have your chance.

Everyone knows by now that Evidence-Eliminator and Robin Hood Software are the scourge of the Internet. Andy Churchill, the amateur running the Robin Hood show above a curry shop in a seedy quarter in Nottingham, has understood it all along. And for a while he's been quite masterful in exploiting spam, scare tactics, and totally disappearing when people want their money back for his product.

But one thing Andy doesn't seem to realise is that Radsoft use the European Union as their home base - that means that representatives of Radsoft can walk right into a courtroom in Nottingham England and file civil and criminal charges against Andy and Robin Hood and make them stick.

We want to redress matters so you, who've been victimised by Andy, can get recompense for your pain. Starting now, we're collecting signatures too - or email addresses actually, and when the time comes, we will notify you if there's anything else you need to do.

We intend not only to shut Robin Hood Software down on charges of fraud, but to claim that Robin Hood Software finally grant refunds to all the people who've been cheated by them and say so with their support for this case, and we will forward to each and every one of you your purchase price for Evidence-Eliminator the day the case is won.

[Naturally this is done by the court itself - normally through some sort of escrow which the court sets up, is what our legal eagles tell us, but the effect is the same: we put the names down for the court to read, and we get them to apportion refunds for all. Through the court's escrow, or whatever they decide, however they want to do it.]

Note that we, Radsoft, do not engage in spamming (we fight it), and your email address will only be used as part of the evidence, and for making arrangements for your refund the day the court awards the money.

And while we're at it, note that we don't demand you use our software instead: in fact, if all you want to do is remove Evidence-Eliminator from your computer, click this link - there's a program there that's yours to use - at no charge, for free, gratis - that will remove Evidence Eliminator from your computer.

People like Andy Churchill have to be stopped, and this is the best chance we've all had in a long time. So let's show the doubters that the Internet can take care of itself!

While we're putting the finishing touches on this project, we will - in a very casual way of course - amass testimony from others as well - such as the curators of Usenet, the poor souls who withstood the barrage of spam in even the net-abuse groups, and any and everyone who wants to have a say in the matter - and there are thousands, if not more.

We shall also publish weekly updates on the number of signatures (email addresses) we've acquired. So you know how the campaign is going.

So - have you been hurt by Evidence-Eliminator? Have you tried to remove it from your computer and found out the dirty, ugly truth? Fret no more. We shall win this one, together.

  • To join the class action against E-E and Robin Hood Software, write to eeclassaction000@yahoo.co.uk - and be sure to include the amount of your purchase.

  • To get the free program that removes Evidence-Eliminator from your computer, click here.
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