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Week of January 14, 2004

Written to the Inquirer. One of the few unmistakably genuine literary (and logical) landmarks of our time.

Lay off Microsoft, you big bullies!

do you think people would be able to read your article if it wasnt for microsoft? if it wasnt for microsoft you wouldnt be able to share this article to millions of people, it would only be read on a magazine or news papers. if it wasnt for microsoft you would probably not survive college with all those college work being done on a computer on a windows os on a windows programs. for all we know we could still be using dos if it wasnt for microsoft. so what if bought out companies and technologies? im sure if they can do it other companies can do it. if you cant compete then why balme the ones who does compete? why wouldnt you use your money and power if you have rightfully owned it in the beginning? people like you complain and bash microsoft, yet you ocntinue to use their products and services, you continue to enjoy its uses. if you dont like MS why cant you make your own OS? and if you do and microsoft buys it from you why complain about that? after all, they bought it not stole it. and why did you sell it in the first place anyways? and its not like MS is using it agaisnt people! they buy and develop their products to make a better and easier to use produtcs...i think haters like you complain because you just dont have the guts and balls to compete and accept the fact that MS is doing the right thing.


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