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Dear Customer

Week of January 26, 2004

The processing of your purchase request was unsuccessful.

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for placing your order through Kagi. Your order could not be processed at this time due to a temporary banking system outage.

We have made two attempts to connect to your bank to process your order and neither attempt was successful.

There are many reasons why this problem may have occurred. The bank computer may be temporarily disconnected from the credit card system or the bank may be offline for some reason. Alternately, our connection into the credit card system may be temporarily unavailable.

We apologize for this problem and kindly ask that you choose to either wait and then enter your order information again (perhaps with a different credit card) OR that you have us keep trying to process this order. To have us retry this order again, click on the link below and then click on the link on the resulting web page.

At the present time, your order has not been processed and without some action by you, it will remain unprocessed.

We look forward to receiving and processing your order in the near future.

999 Quantity to be paid for Extreme_Power_Tools_1_Client, US 144855.00
Total Amount of Order: USD 144855.00

PaymentMethod: card

Email         : fuckmeuptheass@microsoft.com
Registered-To : William Gates
On Credit Card: William Gates

Postal Address : bite my ass, not too hard though kissington wm 11552, Albania
Billing Address: 1 Fuckington Ave, fuckyou gg 11901, Poland

Date: 2004-01-26
Route: S7A9T2R2016
Comment: fuck you
Note: SSL from via KOOP 4.0den for supplier NMF1.

VH-108 1.0
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