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Longhorn - New Screenshots

Week of June 26, 2004

The screen shots of Windows Longhorn at the Thurrott SuckerSite are hopelessly out of date. Radsoft have acquired new screen shots which accurately depict the current state of development. Enjoy.

Longhorn will incorporate several innovations and so-called de novo innovations*.

  • Display PostScript vector screen graphics.
  • A new look and feel.
  • Malware optimisation: fewer context switches when becoming infected.
  • A hierarchical file system with slashes.
  • Window alpha channel transparency.
  • Menu bars and and all-new document-based interface.
  • Cursor shadow.
  • Code to OS kernel provided as open source.
  • 128 x 128 icons.
  • A dock.
  • Control Panel renamed 'System Preferences'.
  • A new XML-based Registry.
  • Free developers tools.
  • Virtual folders melded with real folders for a unified disk architecture.
  • Home directories for all users.
  • File permissions based on owner, group, and others.
  • Disabled 'superuser' account.
  • A choice of four command interpreters.
  • New 'pinstripe' and 'brushed metal' windows.
  • Window Organiser - shows and arranges all on-screen windows at once.
  • Fast Switch - change users with a metaphor from the movie 'The Matrix'.

* A 'de novo innovation' according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is an innovation that originates at Microsoft, as opposed to an ordinary innovation which is copied, borrowed on long-term lease, or stolen through reverse engineering from another IT corporation. Although Microsoft are credited with several 'de novo innovations' such as the backslash and the 'MZ' executable signature, most Microsoft innovations are actually 'ordinary' innovations - Microsoft take credit for them but they originate elsewhere.

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