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Week of August 10, 2004

It all starts now.

10 August 2004 00:00
It all starts now: this is 'B2EAB' the Blog To End All Blogs. I've had so many people writing and asking me to begin this. They're tired of reading other blogs, tired of all the angst-ridden self-importance, they want a REAL blog with REAL content. So I accede: here is the Blog To End All Blogs. It all starts now.

10 August 2004 00:10
It's funny - but I've been sitting here ten minutes trying to figure out what to write next and I can't come up with anything. Oh well.

10 August 2004 00:20
I want to thank everyone for writing. I'm glad you're glad - glad that I've finally begun this very important blog. As soon as I can think of something further to write, I shall - be so assured of that. Again, a heartfelt thanks for your support.

10 August 2004 00:21
An open response to 'candy slipper' who wrote with a forged email address:

If you would identify yourself then we could have a dialogue, but I refuse to respond to your accusations if you can't come out of hiding and tell me who you really are.

And where did you get my email address anyway?

10 August 2004 00:25
A new response to 'candy slipper':

OK, so now we know who you are. But so what? Do you really expect me to respond to all that tripe you write?

Why don't you start a blog of your own? And don't tell me you need software to do it. Just write some stuff up, put in a few HTML tags, and publish it.

Stop complaining.

10 August 2004 00:41
I want to thank everyone who wrote in support of me and against 'candy slipper'. I really am grateful. Still, I don't know if you realise how difficult it is to be sitting here responsible for such an important blog and having to deal with all this. I already feel like this whole blog thing has gone too far.

It's only because of your support I keep on writing. But no promises. I'm being drowned in email already, and I am having a difficult time keeping up.

10 August 2004 00:46
A final response to 'candy slipper':

OK, asshole, I'm having your email address blocked. I won't stand for any more of this. I'm going to contact your wife and tell her what you told me - she's going to be very happy to get the good news. So long, sucker.

10 August 2004 00:52
I can't keep up with the email. I have all these things I want to add to my blog but I don't have the time. Answering all your questions is taking all the time I have.

I can see where this is all leading, but I'm not sure I want things to get that far out of hand. Thanks again for your support - no hard feelings I hope, I just can't keep on writing that much email and neglecting my blog, OK?


10 August 2004 00:54
OK, so I wrote that I was getting too much email, but that doesn't mean you're supposed to stop writing altogether! Now I'm not getting any mail at all!

10 August 2004 01:00
After due consideration I've decided to shelve this idea of the Blog To End All Blogs ('B2EAB'). It's just taking up too much of my time.

I will leave this page up, as others who are interested in blogging themselves might learn a thing or two from it, but otherwise my friends this is it: this is good-bye.

Thanks for your support.

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