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Microsoft Windows 98 System Builder Preinstallation User's Guide

Week of May 1, 2005

The time has never been better to get into the PC business. Whether you want to create your own PC or your own operating system, Microsoft are willing to work with you. And you needn't be worried by delays either. Just read this generous OEM contract and see for yourself.

Restrictions to Modifying the Product

Do not modify in any way or delete any aspect of the Microsoft Windows 98 product software. This includes, without limitation, any features, shortcuts, icons, wizards, folders, subfolders, or programs of the Microsoft Windows 98 product software acquired through the Delivery Service Partner Program, except if and as specifically permitted in this.

Do not modify or add content to any directories installed by the Microsoft Windows 98 product software, except as permitted in the SB PK for preinstallation of applications by the SB.

Do not modify or append any text to the online Microsoft End User License Agreement without express written permission from Microsoft.

You are allowed to replace the term 'PC Manufacturer' with your company name without written permission from Microsoft.

Do not modify or obscure in any way the sequence or appearance of any screens displayed by the Microsoft Windows 98 product software as delivered by Microsoft from the time the target PC completes BIOS processing after being switched on by the end user and transfers control to the software loaded from the hard disk ('End User Boot') until the time that the 'Welcome to Windows 98' program has been run and closed by the end user and the computer displays the desktop screen.

Do not use any portion of Microsoft Windows 98 product software to enable any programs or other content to run or appear before End User Boot.

Do not display any content, including visual displays or sound, from End User Boot up through and including the time that the preinstalled PC has displayed the Windows 98 Desktop screen.

Do not modify, delete or obscure, in any way, the appearance of the desktop screen (including without limitation, any features, shortcuts, icons, Active Desktop items, 'wizards', folders - including sub-folders - or programs of Windows 98 as delivered by Microsoft in this SB PK).

You may, however, add icons or folders to the Desktop screen, provided that: Any such icons are the shape as icons included on the Desktop screen as delivered by Microsoft; Any such folders are the same size, shape, and appearance as folders included on the Desktop screen as delivered by Microsoft. You may also add Active Desktop items, including background wallpaper, Web site and channel links, to the Active Desktop provided that: Any trade names, trademarks, logos or brands displayed in connection with such components shall be limited to those under which the Customer System is marketed and distributed.

Restrictions for Windows 98 Software Components

Do not remove any standard Windows 98 component software from a preinstalled PC. Users expect a consistent behavior from all new computers, including all of the standard utilities and features.

Do not replace, remove, or supersede any of the following:

  • Welcome.exe (the Microsoft Welcome to Windows 98 dialog box). This application includes What's New, Online registration, Tip of the Day, and The Tour. You may add up to two buttons below these four buttons. The Welcome to Windows 98 dialog box must appear on the desktop automatically for the first user session. You can add tips to Tip of the Day, but you are not allowed to remove any existing Microsoft provided tips.

  • The mouse tutorial or the line that calls it in Opkinput.inf.

  • The default Start page or Search page for Internet Explorer.

Restrictions for SB-Provided Preinstalled Applications

Do not configure any programs to be enabled, run, or initialized automatically - that is, without requiring a deliberate act of the end user - from an icon or folder on the Desktop screen, from the Start menu of the Desktop screen, or by any other mechanism. This includes, without limitation, any shells, screen savers, welcome scripts, wizards, or other content.

Do not populate the Startup folder, Autoexec.bat, Boot.ini, Config.sys, System.dat, System.ini, User.dat, or Win.ini files in any manner that will cause any program or content to run or load automatically upon End User Boot, except for device drivers necessary to support preinstalled or preconfigured hardware devices such as network cards, printers, and so on.


Do not list Microsoft or a Microsoft phone number for support information, either electronically on the preinstalled PC or in printed materials distributed with the PC, unless explicitly permitted to do so by Microsoft.

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