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Ran Out

Year of December 14, 2005

We have his true lies as incontrovertible evidence.

Our planet's in bad shape. There's no love in it.

After strategically delaying his 'decision' in the Tookie Williams clemency case, Austria born Arnold 'Conan the Barbarian' Schwarzenegger issued his cleverly worded finding and removed hopes many had felt that there could be a turnaround for the misery our planet is currently suffering.

A move here would have come as an enlightened trend that may have blown away some of the impetus of the political party Arnold aligned himself with. The words of the Nobel laureate Harold Pinter still ring in our ears; certainly the planet has never been worse off in recent years.

Everywhere things are turning for the worse, and only in the actions of former Illinois governor George Ryan do we see any hope. Ryan dismissed all the scheduled executions in his state on the grounds that the legal process is fatally flawed. A growing number of death row inmates have had cases overturned with DNA technology; it's apparent to even the feeble minded California governor that something's wrong.

But correct outcomes in trials is not the issue and has never been. State sponsored murder is.

It is never right to take life. Never. Not for anyone. Most of the world today is aware of this. Countries in the middle east, Singapore, and other backwater lands still adhere to it, but they're in the minority, and about the only 'democratic' country in the world still living in ancient times is the United States of America.

It is this same United States of America who brutally went into a war torn Iraq for the sole purpose of establishing a military influence to control the estimated huge wealth in oil reserves. Not that this oil would be of any benefit to them; on the contrary, they get all the extra oil they need from Venezuela. It's the political clout they're after.

Over one hundred thousand Iraqi civilians were killed in the massacre; to the likes of Dick Cheney 'formerly' of Halliburton, these people don't count - only fanatical world domination does. These people just die and that's that.

It was the same with the Contras. The US president's father struck a deal with Khomeini to keep the US hostages until good old Jimmy Carter lost the election; then the Kho would get lots of perks and Reagan would get something back with which to fund and support the insurgency against the Sandinistas. A pattern that repeats itself all the time around the world.

The CIA have had secret prisons strewn all across the planet. That news is only surfacing now. There are millions of unaccounted for prisoners at undisclosed locations in the US; Guantanamo Bay continues to operate in strict defiance of the Geneva Convention; the junta of George W Bush refuses to recognise the Hague. If that court should ever accuse Bush of being a war criminal, he'll just invade.

Aldous Huxley never imagined it this bad, and Eric Blair didn't either. We're looking at one of the blackest moments in human history, and here comes the Xmas holiday season. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

Conan introduced the husk at the latest party convention. What panache. Almost no one with any cerebral credentials would back the sorry wanker; Arnie gave unwanted credence to his regime of financial and moral dissolution.

When the envoy who was supposed to prove Saddam had WMDs came up empty handed, Bush's own Palpatine Rove blew the cover on the envoy's wife. This Rove has been practicing the foulest politics for years. He deliberately sullied the reputation of Bush's incumbent opponent in the Texas gubernatorial campaign which became a stepping stone to the White House.

And after that, admission to the White House was a fait accompli. As Bush himself said, 'my brother Jeb promised me Florida'.

And the man still can't say 'nuclear' and he can't conduct a debate without a pipe leading to his ear to prompt him for all he's supposed to say.

The carnage continues. At least Bush's father once gave an inspired speech to the United Nations where he envisioned a day when armed forces would only be used to come to the aid of people victimised by natural catastrophes; that was brilliant. Whether it was sincere is another matter, but it's of no consequence here.

Murder is wrong no matter who pulls the trigger or compassionately injects the poison. All killing is murder. State sponsored or otherwise. Most people on the planet are aware of this today. A few bastions of ignorance still exist, and one is in the skull of the Creep.

Arnie's worked with a lot of good actors without ever being one himself. He's worked with Emma Thompson, Danny DeVito, Penelope Ann Miller, Linda Hunt, countless others. What do these people think of their friend today?

What does Mike Farrell think of him?

'The governor's 96-hour wait to give an answer was a cowardly act and was tortuous. I would suggest that had he the courage of his convictions he could have gone over to San Quentin and met with Stanley Williams himself and made a determination rather than letting his staff legal adviser write this garbage.'

Our last action hero wasn't a hero after all. All along he's been a weasel and a coward and now we have proof.

We have his true lies as incontrovertible evidence.

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