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Week of 14 February, 2006

For the background to this pleasant affair, click here.

[It goes without saying that we of course will not remove such a page. After all, we're publishing everything this lowlife comes with. Anyone fancy a job in the support business?]


We have received the following request to remove personal information from the website URL listed below,


While we cannot force you to remove this material, we strongly advise that it be taken down. Should this party choose to file a cease and desist order through their local courts, we will be forced to enforce this with removal of service for your web site until the order is satisfied. Should you have any additional questions please let us know. Thank you,

Jaime P.
pair Networks

I have had dealings with these people, www.radsoft.net. They posted a private email, that can now be googled. I would like it taken off their site, so I can have it removed from the google cache. If they take it down, then we are done here, if not, then I will use whatever legal means to pursue it.

This was a private email exchange between them and me, they had no business posting it, as well as editing it to take out what they chose to.

Here is the link.


Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Steve Portock

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