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'John Spinks'

Week of 28 February 2007

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Poor Andy Churchill. If he could just keep his cool for the brief duration of a single mail message he might get away with it. But the super-scammer and super-spammer has never been able to keep a lid on things. Read on and enjoy.

To: "John Spinks" <johnspinks@talktalk.net>


I may be interested in purchasing the above product
Great! We'll keep our fingers crossed! :))
but would appreciate your replies to the following points:-
Sure! :)
1. I do not really want to buy the whole package for $179 dollars.
It's like taking a shower in a raincoat - if you can get a raincoat.
Is it possible to buy just "Evidence Eliminator Eliminator" on its own?
No. Never has been what we know.
Read somewhere that it was $80, not $179.
Oh really? Provide the link please. :)
2. Not previously knowing of your product, I previously purchased "Evidence Eliminator" from Robin Hood. However, you say it`s rubbish and you appear to suggest that there might be some problem uninstalling it with dangerous remnants left on the hard-drive.

Therefore I must ask whether it is possible to safely install your product, "E.E.E" onto a computer which has previously had Robin Hood`s "E.E." on it.
When you say 'previously' what do you mean? If you had EE on it, how exactly did you get rid of it?
3. Is it possible to have "E.E." and "E.E.E." on the same computer at the same time (provided of course that no attempt is made to load both at the same time).
Why would you want to do that? If EE is dangerous why would you want to keep it around?
4. Why is your sales-pitch for "E.E.E." quite so vitriolic when it comes to "E.E."?
Who are you?
Could you not compare your product with E.E. without so much viciousness?
Hi. Now we know who you are. Sales are hurting, aren't they?
Why have you given your product virtually the same name?
To confuse you. And make you panic.

It left me wondering whether there is some personal grudge match going on between your company and Robin Hood.
Yes. One of the Robin Hood people left us with a tab at a pub in Nottingham and we will never forgive them. All the technical data we provided is pure rubbish.
Do you have a personal problem with Robin Hood?
Yes. The curry shop in their building has been closed down by the board of health on several occasions. We know people who've become seriously ill.
Did someone from your company previously work for (or was otherwise connected with) Robin Hood?
Evidence Eliminator User Pleads Guilty, Faces Up To 20 Years in PrisonYes. Our CEO used to be custodian for their building.
5. You claim "E.E." has not been upgraded since 2000. Is this really true?
No. It's another lie. Everything we wrote about EE is a lie.
6. Are you prepared to stand by all your criticisms of Robin Hood`s Evidence Eliminator?
Oh please do try to not be so STUPID.
7. No doubt if I bought your product, it wouldn`t be long before someone else would come along and make similar suggestions about your product;
As it hasn't happened in all these years and as our product is used by national governments who got wise to your tactics, Andy, I seriously doubt it - and so do you.
If everyone rubbishes everyone else`s products, then in the end, the consumer just thinks, "well nothing is any good".
Yes you are right. Of course then why are you writing? Thanks for your generous advice, Andy. I guess you understand by now you've just helped our sales: your correspondence is going online within the hour! :)

I`ve read all your blurb, and I`ve gone through all your "Swiss-army" style products in your package: (all one hundred), but tell me in a nutshell, why your "E.E.E." is so much better than "E.E." and why the product which I have bought is so rubbish.
That's simple. Because you're #1) stupid; #2) a fraud; and #3) a charlatan.
Armed with your criticisms, I may wish to refer back to Robin Hood for comments before I consider purchasing your product.
Oh you do that, asshole. Just turn around and talk in the mirror!
8. Do prices for your products, including Evidence Eliminator Eliminator, include free life-time upgrades and support, etc.?
Why don't you READ more at the site? After all, it's the site the pundits call 'where content is king'.
John Spinks
Clever. Threw us totally off the scent! Eat shit and die, insect. PS. Next time you'll have to try another mail address. This one is blocked. The only correspondence you'll get from this one is from the spam crawlers who will pick the address up on our web page. You really do have a time controlling yourself, don't you, Andy? LOFAO

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'Andy's losing his grip, and his operation is going to crash down on him. Sooner or later the authorities are going to catch up with the fraud he's committing, and he's the one who's going to pick up soap for Bubba. After the lawyers get through with him he'll be penniless too, while the affiliates laugh all the way to the bank.'
 - Eric Lee Green

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