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Cox Chased, Goes Down

Week of 18 June 2007

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Global law enforcement agencies smash child abuse network.

Police have smashed a global child abuse network coordinated through the UK-based Internet site 'Kids the Light of Our Lives' run by Timothy Cox of Buxhall, Suffolk.

Judge Peter Thompson of the Ipswich Crown Court told Cox: 'These are shocking images which involve very young children - in the worst cases being subjected to sadistic, painful abuse which you, for some distorted reason, appear to take enjoyment from. You are obsessed with images of children being sexually abused.'

Perhaps, perhaps not: more likely Cox made a lot of money off his venture, fleecing others who did find enjoyment in such things.

And like most paedophile sites Cox probably had an affiliate agreement with Evidence-Eliminator: it's the perfect way to double your money with nothing risked.

And he was probably foolish to trust in the product too - and look where that's got him.

The same place as Robert Johnson.

It's easy money, it's preying on people with dangerous perversions, and there are no risks to speak of.

And the software works great: it's been known to defeat forensic hardware costing over £7,000,000,000,000.

Just trust in it. Bubba told you so.

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