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So, Basically , E-E - It's Cool?

Week of 1 November 2007

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This one stands on its own merits — or lack thereof.

> So my question is, does it really work?

Evidence Eliminator studied in Depth here :

In short MaceAnton , you've been had.

Wow that is an nice find SKA, the second link in particular is a real eye opener.

radsoft.net... ho humm. Claiming that 740 registry entries will grind win9x to a halt and saying that no professionals use Visual Basic is enough to lower the site's credibility a lot. I don't doubt what it says about EE affiliate scheme and shoddy coding, but radsoft.net is just about as sensationalist bullshit as grc.com..

Amen, amen and amen! I'm so totally 100% on board there. There are a ton of very good applications written in VB by some very good developers. That's just showing that he's one of the religious crowd.

I think this is just part-in-parcel of the security industry - it's just full of bullshit.

There's no such thing as 'anti-virus' software. There's no such thing as 'anti-spyware' software.

But there is such a thing as 'scareware'. Because that's 99% of their tactics - confuse people and scare them into buying their snakeoil. OK - it's not all snakeoil, but a lot of it is and even the legit stuff is often marketed in the most sleazy of ways with half-truths and fear playing the lead roles.

Read more of this amazing insightful stuff at the well known guru watering hole Donation Coder.

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