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The Microsoft Ghetto

Aren't we afraid of cockroaches?

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It's bad times. Very bad times. Identity theft has never been so critical and stealing identities has never been so easy. Microsoft Windows has led to the establishment of an entire - and extremely lucrative - malware industry. In the one corner the criminal gangs fleecing individuals and banks and governments and corporations with the greatest of ease and in the other corner the cottage industries promising (but never achieving) protection.

And those in the know make sure they stay silent.

It never had to be this way. It never was before Microsoft Windows. It doesn't have to remain this way. Not if Microsoft Windows is gone.

And everyone in the know is painfully aware of that. But no one's talking.

There's a big difference between the free market economy where consumers always end up getting the products they want and the manipulated market economy where Microsoft reign supreme.

IT journalists know the score - but they're not talking. They're not allowed to. Microsoft feed the media billions in advertising revenues. They won't accept anyone telling the truth about their products.

IT consultants know the score too - but they're not talking either. Not since @stake's premier security expert Dan Geer got the axe for simply cosigning a white paper suggesting Microsoft were behind the current malaise. Microsoft were @stake's biggest client; a single phone call and he was gone.

The Department of Justice go after Microsoft who in turn start visiting graveyards and bureaux of records, creating supposed grass roots movements with nonexistent Microsoft supporters to protest against the unfair treatment.

Microsoft send spies into the open source community to sow dissension and 'astroturf' discussion forums.

Microsoft commission a study dubbed 'the Halloween documents' to assess the threat of open source and conclude they'll have to use underhanded means to win - they'll have to 'FUD' open source and attack the personal integrity of Linus Torvalds himself.

That's not a free market economy - that's a manipulated market economy. And the consumers suffer.

Microsoft is a ghetto. And Microsoft users have grown up in the Microsoft ghetto. They know nothing else. They don't know what a 'good neighbourhood' is. They wouldn't know how to live in a good neighbourhood. The only neighborhood they know is Microsoft. And Microsoft is a ghetto.

Try to convince people living in the Microsoft ghetto they don't need antivirus and anti-spyware software outside the ghetto. Try to convince the worst of them 'Internet Explorer' and 'the Internet' aren't the same thing - that you can access the Internet with another browser such as Firefox.

Try explaining to seasoned system administrators in the Microsoft ghetto you don't need Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot servers all the time - that in other neighbourhoods these servers just keep on running with little or no maintenance necessary.

Good luck.

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