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Unable to Clean

So what happens if you stop? PC warriors of the world unite.

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Not having to deal with the horse shit that is Windows is something few gurus would trade away. It's good to have that pathetic system in the rear view mirror. So it's cool now and again to dig into the 'bulk mail' folders in the webmail accounts to see what that Windows system's been up to.

It's always the same thing.

These webmail providers run the best of the best of the AV tools - yet time and again they have to report 'unable to clean'.

Windows (l)users are like that old couple you know - perhaps are close to - who've lived in the same neighbourhood all their lives and watched - as you have - as the neighbourhood has slowly and irrevocably gone to pot.

They buy alarm systems and more and more security shit and they dress up in kevlar and carry Remington shotguns just to walk the Rotweilers.

And they're always ringing you up for help because there's been trouble in their neighbourhood again. You keep asking them to do the obvious - move out - but they always have an excuse, a dismissive way of changing the subject.

'Oh we can't move now. We've lived here all our lives. We wouldn't feel right living anywhere else. It's not that unsafe here. Really it isn't. Here - help us with this.'

And so forth.

Somebody made a suggestion the other night. It was one of us. Namely to calculate - in some perverse obnoxious way - just how much free PC support was going on out there in the world. How many cousins and brothers and other relatives were constantly on call to help friends, neighbours, and relatives who kept fucking up with their goddamned stupid Windows boxes because they wouldn't listen to anyone and get the F away from Windows.

And calculate how much money that represents. Bill Gates couldn't afford to pay that bill and that's for sure. It's already been found that he can't afford to pay for the damages his products have cost businesses. That's a staggering amount of money - more than twice what Gates himself is worth.

The smart people got out a long time ago. The security gurus, the system administrators, the programmers, the power users - even if they're straight jacketed into using Windows at work they sure as hell won't use Windows at home. They know better.

And the irony is it's because they know so much that their friends, neighbours, and relatives come to them and count on them to help out. Time and again. Right as rain. Windows becoming unusable on a regular basis.

No thanks either. Oh a few token words like 'we really appreciate you coming by again, you stupid sucker'. But nothing real. No real thanks. If they were really goddamned grateful they'd listen when you told them to get the fuck off Windows and stop ringing you up and whining they lost their bloody icons again.

So what happens if you stop? Seriously: what happens if you - and everyone else in the same position - simply STOPS? And says 'NO MORE'?

Will you do it? Will you at least give it some serious thought?

It's a bit like belonging to a union. If all the PC warriors out there went on strike tomorrow Windows couldn't survive. Your friends, neighbours, and relatives would be on secure systems and wouldn't have to ring you up anymore.

People could get back to their lives and stop worrying about security all the time.

The security cottage industries and landed gentry would be pumping gas in the desert. They'd all be gone. Your national security would be better no matter what country you live in. Your connectivity costs would be a lot lower because Internet traffic would be reduced to a fifth of what it is today.

Your life would be better, cheaper, and safer.

Do you hear the phone ringing? Do everyone a favour. Don't answer.

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