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Microsoft's new ad campaigns started out wobbly. The original skits with Seinfeld fell flat. They were hard to get into, obtuse, and left most people puzzling WTF all that money was wasted on.

The new (and better) 'I'm a PC' campaign irritates at first glance. No one who really knows anything about computer science and computer security wants to get caught anywhere running a Windows PC on the Internet. People also might object to the incorrect assumption that a 'PC' necessarily runs Windows. Because it doesn't.

But the campaign is more than that. In stark contrast to the feigned snobbism of the 'Get a Mac' campaign which basically makes fun of Windows (l)users and inculcates the feeling a Mac user is superior as a person to a Windows user, the 'I'm a PC' campaign deliberately reinforces the feeling 'we're all in this together', a feeling of unity. A feeling of world togetherness.

And that's what the Internet is all about. It's just a shame of course that the vehicle for this unity is something as crappy as Microsoft Windows.

Not that such realisations will have much affect on the ordinary user. The ordinary user is criminally unaware of the differences between the platforms and the tangible danger associated with connecting anything created by Microsoft to the Internet at large.

And if said user has heard and understood terms such a 'virus', 'worm', 'trojan', and 'botnet' then said user naturally assumes these are but common universal parasites and that everybody on any platform has to deal with them.

Which of course is an outrageous lie.

The 'Mac' is superior to the Windows 'PC'. By a mile. By a light year. The platforms can't be compared. But that will not make an iota of difference in world sales. Windows sales were up 7% in November whilst Apple's sales totally stagnated.

People don't like Apple's fanboys and they don't like the company's arrogance.

 - 'Mac Skywatcher'

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