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TPS: The Police State

It's very literally up to you.

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Take a look at the following clip. It's mostly in Swedish but it's only 1:48 long and the good part - a short interview with John Kennedy of IFPI - is in English.

SVT Play: Skivbolag vittnade i Pirate Bay-rättegång

Listen to what he has to say. Listen really good. And see if you can conjure up the ramifications of what he's saying.

'We've dealt with Napster, we've dealt with Kazaa, The Pirate Bay is just taking a long long time.'

Think about that.

Kennedy goes on to say expressly that it's about deterrent: that he wants to scare other people so drastically that they don't dare start up a website like The Pirate Bay anymore.

Take The Pirate Bay out of the equation. Take Neij and Svartholm out of the equation. Imagine instead a Brave New World where everyone's Internet connection is being monitored 24/7 just to protect the interests of these poor media companies who whinge about losing money in these excellent times.

The freedom of assembly. Power to the people. Governments not by, for, and of their peoples but against them.

Think about that.

The game is over - and we have lost - the day governments are able to legislate and control the Internet. The Internet is our freedom. We need a safe Internet - which excludes use of Microsoft products as has been pointed out so many times before - and we need a free Internet as well.

The Internet is our freedom of assembly. It's where we congregate, mingle, and share things. It's how we time and again expose the crooks of this world who are invariably found in the big multinationals and greedy governments. Time and again Internet exposure has succeeded in stopping 'bad things'. We have to preserve this Internet to protect ourselves.

Anyone who thinks governments are or even will continue to serve their peoples out of pure altruism is a fool. It doesn't work that way and it never will.

So what happens to the unfortunate media companies? That's their business. The world has changed and will continue to change. And technology always beats politics. They want to make money? Then let them sit and figure out where their new markets are. No one owes them a thing.

Think about that. It's your choice: do you want a future with TPB - The Pirate Bay - or are you going to sit back apathetically and let the future become TPS - the police state?

It's very literally up to you.

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