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Someone Get the Popcorn

The show begins now.

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Microsoft have certainly had better days. Such as 3 April 1975. First it's their Windows Se7en which is flailing about and stumbling over its own feet. As if anyone really cares anyhow.

This of course on the heels of the abortive Vista which showed even the most clueless what price had to be paid for K-Mart level security in the sophisticated world of the Internet.

Now it's the EFF who've in so many words condemned every product they sell.

Not that it's not been done before. Almost every security guru with a conscience has long since come out against them. And this site's been hammering away at the lethargic and the ambitiously clueless for ten years now.

But the Electronic Frontier Foundation are our friends. Everybody knows that. So when they finally take the time to tell it like it is people are going to listen.

And what did they say? Specifically?

So it starts - meagerly enough - with getting rid of as many Microsoft 'web' products as you can. By finally putting that abysmal non-standard totally floppy useless pointless ugly web browser Internet Exploder in the trash can.

Then you continue by demolishing Outlook and Outlook Express which are actually worse than Internet Exploder. Now you're 'almost' safe. At this point you've beefed up the 'periphery'. Without these two classic failures at software engineering there's less attack area for the bad guys. Less risk you'll join the other billion idiots out there who long ago had their PCs kidnapped into evil botnets.

But you're still not secure because you simply do not have any defences to speak of. There are no inner barriers, there is no exclusivity for system functionality, there is nothing on that computer that's really protected.

Most Windows users have heard this by now. But a drunk driver in the Holland Tunnel can't make it from one end to the other at the speed at which all this talk passes from one ear and out the other for these people.

There's nothing more to be said. Everyone of any merit has already spoken. Microsoft is a disease. It needs to be taken off the Internet. Completely.

So what's to do for the 'enlightened' of us who've long ago understood the writing on the wall? For those who've read the Government Accountability Office report that declared Microsoft software as 'unfixable' and 'incapable of being repaired'? Who read the same verdict from Gartner Research? And now from the EFF?

In this painful world there's only one thing to do that can derive any fun at all: kick back. Take a box of popcorn. And something to wash the popcorn down. And watch.

Watch how the fools sidestep the issue. FUD it. Try to change the subject. Watch the little beads of sweat build on their brows.

Watch and enjoy. And pass the popcorn.

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