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Windows Se7en is out the door; Windows V*STA can't even be discussed; malware feasts on Redmond products; Unix has to be the alternative; but why Mac?

Because it's easy. Because it's turnkey. Because you simply open the box, take the computer out, get dazzled by it, turn it on, listen to some ethereal music, set it up for use in two minutes - and you're ready to go. You're online. And everything just works.

That's why.

Also because it's got the best development environment in the world. Nothing's ever come close to Objective-C and the NeXTSTEP classes and nothing ever will.

You don't have to know a lot of Unix to start with a Mac either: the whole idea is you don't have to know one promille of what a Windows user has to know. Of course you'll learn things as time goes on and that only makes it better.

You don't need anything else you don't already have on your box. You don't need antivirus - no matter what anyone says - and you don't need anti-spyware tools. And you don't need to worry about 'dangerous' websites and you don't have to frequent anti-malware sites to make sure you don't have any bad stuff on your box. You play it by the rules and you'll be OK. A good 20% of all Windows-related sites out there have to do with nonsense you'll never have to worry about again.

Everything is easier. There's no Registry anymore. All application settings are in their own separate files. You can edit these files one by one if you like or remove them completely and your system will be just fine. After all: it's Unix.


So if everything is so fine then why get the ACP?

The Mac today is a totally end-user oriented machine. There's no room for enterprise clients or system administrators. Not with the tools provided. Apple still sell enterprise hardware and they do have some enterprise network administration tools but they don't have enough and they're not pushing it.

This is their Achilles heel. This is where the ACP comes in.

If you're a graphics artist and need a good image browser then you'll find the built-in tools just fine. [Well almost - until it's cleanup time.] But if you're a power user or a system administrator you'll need a lot more. And that's why you'll need the ACP.

Doing administration work has got to be more pleasant on a Mac - provided you have the right tools. For all your other tasks (and pleasures) it's going to be superlative as well.

There's a 'try it' link at the upper right of this page. Click it and take Rixstep's Xfile for a test drive. See for yourself.

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