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Spectrial Resolutions

When things get into a focus so intense they almost become a blur.

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  • I resolve to not let fury overtake me. I resolve to not get berserk drunk at some party tonight or tomorrow or the day after. I resolve to not go nuts about the town and smash shop windows in my fury because of this travesty of justice.

  • I resolve to always do the math before considering any conclusion. When a website like TPB are saddled with the prospect of letting moderators report each and every possible instance of copyright crime that in turn will be referred to authorities I resolve to keep in mind that the authorities would be drowned in the sheer volume of their workload and nothing would ever get done.

  • I resolve to laugh along with TPB when they receive pompous letters from idiots in the US who cite US law as a reason to interfere with the operation of a website outside US jurisdiction. I resolve to always laugh at and scorn these arrogant stupid people who seriously seem to think US law applies (or should apply) everywhere on the planet.

  • I resolve to never again trust my government or my courts and their magistrates to uphold the letter of the law and justice for all. Lies and corruption have become the staple of the day in Stockholm but that these reprehensible people would bow like bootlickers to foreign commercial interests is just too much.

  • I resolve whenever reading a 107 page court ruling to always cut to the chase and ignore all the bullshit meant to camouflage what's really important. I resolve to understand that the TPB ruling essentially declares the Internet itself to be illegal.

  • I resolve to never again purchase any product produced directly or indirectly by any of the media companies. I will go to more live concerts than ever before and I will become a patron of the theatre. But companies that merely press CDs but want money for everything else as well shall never again enjoy my custom.

  • I resolve to never accept any insufficient status quo and to never give up because the alternative is too unspeakable to be considered. I shall always remember that those who are fighting the Internet Age and using brute force to turn back the hands of the clock are the enemies of all humankind.

  • I shall never again financially support through concert visit or otherwise any artist, musician, or writer who in any way has shown support for the media interests in the current debate. I shall scorn them and shun them like the plague and I shall encourage others to do so as well.

  • I shall never cease explaining to others that people like Henrik Pontén, Peter Danowsky, Tomas Norström, Monique Wa(d)sted, Håkan Roswall, Dan Eliasson, Thomas Bodström, Beatrice Ask, and the representatives of the media companies - and especially John Kennedy of the IFPI - are to be regarded as criminals who've consistently shown they believe themselves to be above the law.

  • I shall choose my Internet provider carefully and according to the provider's express opinion about the laws threatening to destroy our Internet. In Sweden I shall first and foremost choose Bahnhof as they are the only provider who have consistently stood up to the aforementioned criminals.

  • Before entertaining any Internet connection contract I shall investigate the intentions of the potential provider to obtain if possible a guarantee in writing that my personal private data shall never be accessible to anyone regardless of who is requesting the data.

  • I shall spread the word about alternative file sharing technologies beyond the reach of the media companies and fascist governments.

  • I shall remember this debate is about personal integrity much more than about file sharing. I shall remember the people on the opposing side are people with enormous financial vested interests who have absolutely no regard or respect for laws protecting my personal integrity or any other civil rights.

  • I resolve to never be fooled into thinking there actually is a debate - and that the current controversy is not simply about greedy crooks who want more and more millions all the time for little or no work at all. So they can continue to intimidate us with our own money.

  • I resolve to never forget the terrifying tricks and crimes these media industries have already perpetrated. I resolve to never forget how they deliberately and with malice aforethought have gone out with the express intent to ruin people's lives in order to scare others into submission.

  • I resolve to think twice before I welcome any 'message' these 'works of art' claim to have for my benefit. I shall never forget the sole purpose of these 'works of art' has always been to make money.

  • I resolve to do all in my power to subvert the influence these media companies have on our cultural life. I need culture as much as the next person but I shall eschew these 'middle men' who only seek to manipulate and exploit us. Culture belongs not to the IFPI, the RIAA, or the MPAA but to the PEOPLE.

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