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Going down the drain.

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It's a bold move - one of the world's most renowned newspapers, conservative but fully on a par with the BBC, and surfers now have to pay through the nose to read online content.

Some bean counter thinks this is the solution.

Readership has already dropped by a walloping 60% but what do they say? They say they can manage with only one million readers (instead of the traditional 21 million).

It's amazing those clueless eejits don't get it: Internet access has to be free at 'point of sale'.

They say their advertising revenues are dropping - but who's going to want to advertise with them for a readership that's not even 5% of what it has been?

And what happens when this grand experiment fails? Who's going to come back to them then?

The brilliant Guardian have vowed to never try anything so stupid. Guess who's going to win out?

And if their dumb experiment doesn't fail? Then it's ten times worse.

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