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Julian Assange @ Oslo Freedom Forum April 2010

Back in eight months to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Winners of Amnesty International's 2009 Media Award for exposing extrajudicial assassinations in Kenya, Assange and WikiLeaks have recently launched collateralmurder.com, a website that hosts a leaked video of US military forces in Iraq apparently slaying over a dozen people indiscriminately. In his speech, Assange chooses to focus specifically on WikiLeaks's work against censorship and human rights abuses committed by Western governments.

Those who control today's Internet servers control the intellectual records of mankind. Assange warns us that Western governments, large corporations, and certain wealthy individuals are increasingly able and increasingly trying to remove material permanently from the historical records using sophisticated technologies.

Assange reviews WikiLeaks' work in uncovering human rights abuses and discusses the dangerous irony in the US military's conduct as it decorates its detention centres with 'Honor Bound to Defend Freedom' signs. If the West can't reverse the course of increased censorship and rights abuses, Assange cautions, we will lose all the ideals we once stood for.

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