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Shadows in the Hall of Mirrors

Washington is leaking.

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WASHINGTON (Rixstep) — Barack Obama is coming unstuck. Too much information leaking in town. All those 'quoted amorphous, anonymous senior intelligence officials' who for some unknown reason don't like his warmongering.

New US national intelligence chief James Clapper feels sorry for his commander in chief.

'I was in a meeting yesterday with the president, and I was ashamed to have to sit there and listen to the president express his great angst about the leaking that's going on here in this town', said Clapper. 'And particularly when it's widely quoted amorphous, anonymous senior intelligence officials, who for whatever reason get their jollies from blabbing to the media.'

Certainly finding out all one's lies are hitting the media can be extremely frustrating. But the Carr group aren't exactly letting the grass sprout up between their toes: as revealed yesterday, they've been able to pressure Moneybookers to block payments to WikiLeaks.

But how can Moneybookers influence funding of WikiLeaks? By accepting payments from the Wau Holland Foundation, say Rupert Murdoch's WSJ reporters Jeanne Whalen and David Crawford.

  • WikiLeaks donors send money to the Wau Holland Foundation in Germany. Wau Holland is the legendary cofounder of the CCC. The WHF cannot be required to reveal the identities of those who send money.
  • Bills for WikiLeaks expenses are sent to the WHF who pay them. And so forth.

This according to Jeanne Whalen and David Crawford who as their sources cite 'WSJ research'.

And if the name 'Jeanne Whalen' sounds familiar then it's because of the piece where Peter Ludlow tried tracing the source of an earlier WSJ smear where Amnesty supposedly protested against the release of the Afghan War Diaries - something found to be totally untrue and something also written by Jeanne Whalen.

'And then what was the role of the WSJ reporter Jeanne Whalen? Was she in on the astroturfing or did someone use her? I still don't know. It's such a mess we may never get to the bottom of it.'

Not that WikiLeaks funding is much of a mystery: most contributions are in the $10-20 range. So strange then that David Aaronovitch - also employed by Rupert Murdoch - should ambush Assange the other week with supercilious questions about the 'secret donors'. WikiLeaks won't necessarily ever know who their donors are according to the agreement with Wau Holland. And David Aaronovitch certainly had already read the piece by colleague Jeanne Whalen.

As the fictional Urizenus Sklar told Peter Ludlow: 'the game just got bigger'.

I need to express the seriousness of the attack against this media organisation.
 - Julian Assange

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