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NEW YORK (Radsoft) — Cryptome's John Young dropped a bomb today.


The top of the article begins with the announcement:

'More on this 5 November 2010 at NYU. The link leads to the following.

'John Young agreed to speak for Wikileaks if nobody else would. He will outline what comes after the First Amendment's defeat.'

Back to the current article - 'Wikileaks Feint' - which is mostly a series of assertions, presumably not presented sarcastically.

  • The 'insurance' file is a feint.
  • The debacle with Wired is a feint.
  • The WikiLeaks site being offline is a feint.
  • The Swedish judicial entanglement is a feint.
  • The propaganda war with the Pentagon is a feint.
  • The supposed departure of Daniel Schmitt is a feint.

Young then goes on to suggest the WikiLeaks people are deliberately laying out red herrings, the above and more, to catch TPTB off guard and that there will soon be not 400,000, not 500,000, but 260,000 files released.

After that, Young seems to be offering WikiLeaks advice about how to go about things in the future. Keep the hat firmly on.

'Beware lawyers with backbone plumage and strut, they are officers of the state obliged to shop you for law and order.'

Dear Neighbour

Young recently published an exchange which mostly laid out his philosophy and why he really doesn't like WikiLeaks.

 John Young on a different occasion wearing a different hat.

He never joined WikiLeaks, was never asked to join, but still and all succeeded in getting himself tossed out. He was unsubscribed from a WikiLeaks mailing list when he criticised their funding goal of $5 million in one year.

He says he was never 'inside' WikiLeaks and goes on to claim no one is ever 'inside' WikiLeaks.

'There is no formal organisation, no officers, no employees, no legal existence.'

But that's the same as Cryptome. So what separates them?

  • WikiLeaks practicing too much secrecy.
  • Cultivation of positive criticism and bristling at negative criticism.
  • Too many promises of confidentiality, far above what's technically possible.
  • WikiLeaks running a business but pretending to be a public service initiative.
  • The WikiLeaks media machine: press releases, media taunts, orchestrated bombshells, Assange glamour, mysterious behaviour, exaggeration of threats and the value of leaks, excessive editorialisation.

Fair enough, John - but when was the last time that right wingnut neocon maniacs asked openly for your assassination? There's a big difference between getting shut down by Verio and spy organisations literally looking for your head.

What's the matter with raising money to support an organisation? Seeing as none of them are architects? What's the difference between a not-for-profit and an attic enterprise run off another business such as architectural consulting?

Given the WikiLeaks submission system is a customised version of EFF's Tor and given WikiLeaks literally flood the InterTubes with bogus packets to throw the inquisitive off the scent - and given the routine assertion after explaining all the above that no one's been found out yet - how is any of that promising too much?

And please explain how the Swedish rape case can be a 'feint' - inasmuch as rape in Sweden is a matter between a suspect and the state and the supposed 'co-conspirators' can't make the case go away by changing or withdrawing their testimony?

And once you've jumped through that hoop, take on the remaining five. No need to actually prove anything - just provide 'plausible' scenarios.

Take your time.

On Cryptome

John Young hosts a number of websites together with Deborah Natsios. Cryptome is by far the most famous. He's published tens of thousands of documents since 1996 on amongst other things the USCG Deepwater project and the US involvement in Iraq, something he claims has attracted the attention of government agencies. On 20 April 2007 he was notified the website would be taken offline by Japanese-owned Verio (purportedly because of the Deepwater documents) and so switched to NSI.

'Cryptome is now on a new ISP, Network Solutions, another US giant like Verio, closely linked to the authorities. We'll see if it can take the heat or cave. We intend to test all the giants if necessary to see what is up with them and the censors: if one buckles we'll sign up with another. And air the results.'

The archives (1996-2010) of Cryptome and other sites run by Young contain some 56,300 files.

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