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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — One of the first things Jules Assange did on his fateful trip to Sweden was meet with the editor in chief of the country's biggest sleaze rag Jan Helin who offered the WikiLeaks cofounder a bimonthly column.

It's an understandable mistake.

Jan Helin likes people to regard him as a sort of Pulitzer Prize candidate when in fact he peddles sleaze like few others. 'When it bleeds, it leads', Robert Redford tells Michelle Pfeiffer, but seriously - how far can one go?

One thing's certain: Jan Helin can go there - that's a promise.

Sunday Edition

When the rest of the world is still teetering under the massive impact of the WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs with real journalists coming out one after the other with further revelations and crushing condemnations, the Swedish media - with Jan Helin in the lead - are doing their very best to keep this out of sight.

Today's online edition of Aftonbladet - the front page a heady 225 KB before script expansion - first mentions WikiLeaks about 90% of the way down that first page. Sleeping Swedes won't ever scroll that far.

So what's more important than the Iraq War Logs? Ask Jan Helin - check his online edition.

Here are a small fraction of the headlines preceding the obscure 'Brits Run Out of Petrol - al Qaeda Leader Escapes'.

The New Laser Man - Shots Fired in Malmö, Brangelina's Nanny's Betrayal, Scary Pictures of Michael Douglas, Marie Loses 44 Kilograms by Dieting, PSV Eindhoven/Feyenoord Footie Match, Pictures of Idol Contestants in Underwear Spreading on Internet, Luxury Shopping Tour by Footie Hero Zlatan and Helena, Anita Sleeps on Her Balcony, Flowery Eva Mendes Has Curves in the Right Places, Stopping Use of Snuff Step by Step, What Facebook's Really Worth, Winter Fashions, Chanel Fashion Show in Saint Tropez, New York Wives Do Botox in Their Kitchens, Madonna's New Toyboy, 'I Know Too Much About Her Sex Life', Research: Mothers Get to Choose Children's Names, Bangkok Preparing for Floods, Red Elephant: Brand's and Perry's Wild Wedding, Slippery Roads - Already Multiple Accidents, 'I Lived With a Porn Addict', Keith Richard's Bentley's Secret Drug Compartments, 50 Best Burger Restaurants in the US, New York Wives' 24 Best Tips, See Egypt by Horseback, Air Ballon, Sailing Boat, Protect Your Computer for only $5, AJA? FTW? LOL? Internet Acronym Wordlist, Christer Sandelin Forced into Rehab, Lill-Babs Injured During Filming Session, Linda Takes 14 Painkillers Per Day, Show for Princess Victoria Has Blinking Boobies, Sexy Autumn Lingerie, Police Attacked by Escaped Chimpanzee.

The article on the British helicopter running out of petrol is immediately followed by a second massive coverage of the television programme Swedish Idol.

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