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Fredag den trettonde

It's a superstition, right?

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Not many people believe in the superstition about Friday the 13th. It's a sort of delicatessen superstition: it's nice to fancy it at times. And yet in the case of Julian Assange, fredag den trettonde turned out to be very unlucky indeed.

It's really hard to contain one's fury - one's holy wrath - about what's going on. It's really hard to imagine what's going on in the sick mind of Marianne Ny and her good friend Claes Borgström. It's even harder for the international media. A broken condom is rape? O RLY?

Marianne Ny doesn't want Julian Assange back in Stockholm to have a pleasant chitchat over en kopp te. She could have had that long ago. Assange was on his way to the Swedish embassy in London, was ready to do any number of things to accommodate Ny, and on one occasion the plans for a meet seemed to be working - until Ny notified Assange that she'd have to cancel because one of her policemen was home with a head cold. No attempts were made by Ny to reschedule when said sick policeman came back to work.

Marianne Ny doesn't want Julian Assange back in Stockholm for a chitchat - she wants him behind bars. Again: it's almost impossible to fathom what's going on in her mind and what Claes Borgström's agenda is. Rape is a crime of violence and Julian Assange is anything but violent. And he's probably got more groupies than most rock stars. He's quite naturally a folk hero - probably the biggest in the world. He doesn't need to get pushy or forceful with women to get laid - see the Swedish case in all its nakedness: the women were jumping over each other to get him into bed.

And where's Björn Hurtig in all this? Members of the formidable Flashback forum - who regularly see Hurtig in the media and are familiar with his appearance and his delivery - remarked that the famous solicitor's been slurring his words and looking worse for wear, as if he was in lack of sleep or severely hung over or both. This is the kind of defence you give someone in Assange's situation? And why was Hurtig there alone at the courthouse - why didn't he have a veritable army of legal eagles there with him?

And why hasn't Hurtig gone out in the media? Why hasn't he tried to fight the case as Borgström did, turning a dismissal of charges into this current bizarre mess? Borgström and Ny might not understand - and most likely don't care - but they've made Sweden the laughing stock of the world. But no, they don't care. They have their own agenda. And they don't care who gets hurt in the process or how psychotic they've both become.

Ny, Borgström, and their friends now have a law proposal set to go before the Swedish riksdagen to make 'implicitly consensual' sex illegal. Turning over the old maxim 'den som tiger samtycker'. A couple back at their flat after a night of dining and dancing. Pour a drink and turn the lights low. Put on some relaxing music. Sit and sip and relax. Then nature takes its course. Kissing, hugging, then things go further.

Ny and Borgström think the couple at that point should stop dead in their tracks and take out pen and paper (seriously) and give each other a signed document stating they explicitly agree to have sex together.

They'll need to do it again in the morning when they wake. Married couples will need to do it each time they want to have sex.

This is no joke. The scenario is something Ny and Borgström want. It sounds implausible and ridiculous. But this is what they want. And goddammit they're going to get it and they're going to use Julian Assange as a test case to open the debate.

Don't ever say fredag den trettonde isn't unlucky again.

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