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Larry Sanger Versus the World

Paraphrasing is in order.

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Rixstep published an article this morning on one 'Larry Sander'. The article consists of two screen shots and a single comment.

'Words cannot. Words don't need to.'

The two tweets from 'Wikipedia cofounder' Sanger are one mouthful after another.

'Speaking as Wikipedia's co-founder, I consider you enemies of the U.S.--not just the government, but the people.'


'What you've been doing to us is breathtakingly irresponsible & can't be excused with pieties of free speech and openness.'

One gets the impression that sexy beast Sanger hasn't bothered to look into the Collateral Murder video, the Afghan War Diaries, or the Iraq War Logs. Perhaps not all that surprising as there's been an effective blackout in the media in the US for it all and Sanger might be the kind of dupe that believes those 'foreign' media sources always get it wrong.

In which case Larry Sanger can pop on over to the site he's so insistent on telling people he cofounded. For there's more than ample information there to clue the bespectacled Sanger in.

The Wikipedia cofounder could begin by studying the work of historian William Blum and then use Jimbo's site to corroborate that information. And he'd find out that what Blum is telling him is but the tip of the iceberg.

He might run into this chart from Bill Blum. Not much to read - just a few colours. Really easy to follow.

After which it might be time to paraphrase those 'eloquent' Sander tweets.

'Speaking as citizens of this planet, we consider you the enemy - not of any one nation but of all nations, all peoples.'


'What you've been doing is breathtakingly irresponsible & can't be excused with pieties of protecting the free world.'

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