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About the Condoms

About revenge in seven steps, Swedish feminist media control, and perverting the course of justice.

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So it all started so innocently. Of course it did. Anna Ardin's good friend decided suddenly on the morning of 14 December to rage on Twitter about her anal sex and a case from years earlier where a 'media man' tried sticking it in her without a condom. And she of course did nothing at all. She had her reasons. But the guy was still a bastard. She'd told him the night before 'a condom in every hole' but he started again without one.

She could have said 'no'. So that she could later accuse him of not taking 'no' for an answer. And in fact she more or less did: she threatened to leave if he didn't stop - or put on a condom. And he did stop. So that was it.

There seems to be an issue there but where it's hard to see.

The real issue of course is Johanna Koljonen's good friend Anna Ardin who'd accompanied her to the Stockholm amusement park Gröna Lund only days before the arrival of Julian Assange.

Anna Ardin's in trouble. The first thing she did when she read that the charges against Julian Assange had been dropped was to contact Claes 'Johnny Walker' Borgström. To retain him as a defence attorney. She might be charged with bringing false accusations - a felony that brings several years in prison. And totally and absolutely destroys any chances, however slim, of a career in politics.

But Borgström had friends in the legal committees, some of who were working on even wackier Swedish sexual laws. One of these friends was Marianne Ny. And Borgström knew it was possible to 'appeal' the decision of Eva Finné to dismiss the charges against Assange - something Anna Ardin did not in fact know.

Borgström and Ardin called in Sofia Wilén and together the three of them worked out a plan to assault the media, to smear Julian Assange, to elicit a verdict without a trial - and coincidentally to help Anna Ardin along with her crusade for the payback of '7 Steps of Revenge', one of her many burning interests.

But a few legal bloopers, one botched ambush attempt in early October, and suddenly the case had blown global and people were laughing at Sweden, frowning at Claes Borgström, and hating Anna Ardin. And now Marianne Ny tries four times to fill out an application for a 'red notice' European Arrest Warrant (for questioning only) and still doesn't seem to have got it right.

The case is so bizarre and above all so costly. But Anna Ardin doesn't care. Claes Borgström's already stated he himself would never pursue such a case. But Claes Borgström doesn't have Anna Ardin's obsession with revenge.

Anna Ardin is a hero in the eyes of Johanna Koljonen. Johanna Koljonen says she can't pull out the old Spartacus line 'I Am Anna Ardin' because she didn't say 'no' like Anna Ardin did. Except Johanna Koljonen did indeed say 'no' and it's Anna Ardin that didn't. Oh well. Whatever. We have a propaganda campaign to conduct here!

If Anna Ardin had said no, then none of what transpired would have transpired, and then there would be no case against Julian Assange. And where would that leave the dear Swedish feminists? No platform again. Grr.

Johanna Koljonen insists Anna Ardin is not crazy - this in contrast to the crushingly contrary universal appraisal in the world today where pundits see her not only as crazy but as downright evil. Anyone nurturing a '7 step plan for revenge' is not all there. Anyone insisting people need 'payback' and 'make him suffer as you suffered' - just for being dumped - is not all there. But Johanna Koljonen doesn't see that. So instead she uses her considerable social engineering skills to muster support around the country for a media blitz.

A blitz where the targeted media won't know what's happened until it's too late: no one told the media the same story was going out at dozens of places at the same time. They found out only when they themselves had published. Oops.

And when does this fury of indignation begin? Gee whiz - it seems to be the same and very day Assange appeals for bail to the high court! A mere coincidence of course.

Johanna Koljonen and her militant friends think of all the times they've just laid there and thought 'hope it's over soon'. What happens if men start the same thread? And talk about all the manipulation they've been through? And all the times they've thought 'hope it's over soon'? Because they have. But they don't count - they're not Swedish women.

Johanna Koljonen claims that back in the day when she was 'more overweight' the men she pursued made her feel indebted for their even consenting to have sex with her. That's her in the photograph above. What do you think? And was that all it was? Or had Johanna Koljonen in fact been guilty of sexual coercion or rape all by her sweet lonesome? According to Swedish legislation of course. Does it matter - in feminist Sweden?

Sweden's cultural elite - where do they come from? You can see them in the bar below. They're financed by the taxpayers. Sweden is a social democracy - a welfare state. The state owns a lot: owns the film industry, the tobacco industry, most of the spirits industry - and the social infrastructure is run by women, women, and more women. Only 15% of the jobs in the social services go to men. Because men are animals. At best.

The parliamentarians pass the laws - they're 50% women today. But it's the social services that implement them. And being a woman in Sweden gives ones a decided advantage in almost all aspects of life. A man asking for assistance in Sweden is dismissed summarily; the social services welcome women and ask them 'what can we please do for you?' Whilst the men get sneers and are rejected as quickly as possible.

Teenagers growing into militant feminists - 'Taliban feminists' as they're called in the Swedish blogosphere. Yesterday's feminists: there's a new generation of feminists who somehow managed to regain their minds. Naomi Wolf for one doesn't have a lot to day about the older model. Not many people do.

But Sweden's model still works on a number of fundamental principles.

Everything in Sweden is run by satanists. These satanists are exclusively men and they control the banks, the government, the hospitals, the schools - everything.

This has to be the same evil group who gave Eva Lundgren her funding to look into the matter. The state representatives who helped the feminists abduct two young girls were likely satanists too - or under their control.

The news organisations are under the control of satanists. So is prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his wife, the justice minister Beatrice Ask, the foreign minister Carl Bildt - even Claes Borgström who himself has been a member of a previous satanist cabinet.

Bad move going to a satanist, Anna Ardin. Bad move going to an amusement park with someone under the control of satanists, Johanna Koljonen - worse still to support someone like that. 7 steps? Revenge? Payback? Sounds like she's already a satanist herself, Johanna - probably the first female inductee too. Feminism victorious again even in occult groups. Bella's tragedy is not in vain.

Sweden's feminists don't excel at logic. But they do excel at revenge. And media control.

So we put together a kamikaze group to dupe the media. Target date is 20 December - that's a Monday and a slow day for news, says Johanna Koljonen. Everybody talk to their editors and Johanna will help anyone who doesn't have an editor to talk to. And people will blog too. But not now. That's on 20 December too. Blitz.

She lays down strict guidelines for how the articles are to be written, how everyone's to make different versions of the same stories, and how they're never to mention Anna Ardin. Never. But they're supposed to draw parallels as close as possible to the Assange case. Without mentioning Julian either. But that's the target. Julian Assange.

And so the kamikaze warriors of Sweden's freaky 'cultural elite' were recruited: @edgrenalden, @isobelsverkstad, @philipteir, @nelsonsandra, @ivarpi, @juliaskott, @danielbjork, @elingrelsson, @lisamagnusson, @barsk, @linusfremin, @dekaminski, @oskcar, @johannka, @johanna_linder, @giselaj.

Twitter is a wonderful thing.

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