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Sweden: 'No Comment on Cablegate Docs'

Repeated seventeen times in three minutes. World record?

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — Seventeen times in three minutes: 'no comment on Cablegate docs'.

This by Sweden's minister of immigration Tobias Billström of the ruling conservative 'Moderat' party.

What's the commotion about? This.

Iraqi Immigrants A Major Concern For The GOS

3. (C) Foreign Minister Bildt estimated that approximately 100,000 Iraqis live in Sweden and told Ambassador Crocker that if the United States accepted Iraqi asylees and refugees at the same pace, the US would have over 500,000 Iraqi residents. He explained that the majority were Kurds who fled the former regime's persecution but stressed that since 2003, most Iraqis arriving in Sweden were Arabs. He said that in 2007, the GOS expected 20,000 asylum petitions and would approve approximately 74 percent. The 26 percent not approved were the reason Iraqi immigration had become a Swedish domestic issue and that concluding a return agreement was critically important for the GOS. Bildt observed that without a mechanism for returning illegal aliens, the immigration problem would spiral out of control in a country of only nine million inhabitants. Both the FM and Immigration Minister Tobias Billstrom said recent arrivals were more difficult to assimilate because they often arrive destitute (Billstrom estimated travel expenses alone exceed USD 20,000), poorly educated, and without professional or language skills. Bildt and Billstrom also mentioned several high profile honor killings as prompting more calls for stronger immigration policies from the Swedish public.

Doesn't seem so bad on the surface but the trouble is it goes against Sweden's notorious 'cultural elite': the 'ruling class' of feminist bloggers and journalists and television producers and authors who are all for funneling more and more immigrants into increasingly violent ghettoes and then abandoning them.

Oppositional parties such as Jimmie Åkesson's Sweden Democrats suggest aiding immigrants on their home front instead - saving them an estimated $20 K each - and above all discussing the worrisome situation no one in the 'cultural elite' wants to discuss. Any more than they want to discuss what's happened to Julian Assange.

But the reaction is typically not what one would expect. Billström refuses to comment because he's been muzzled by the PM. The PM wants him muzzled because the official policy on immigration, whilst sane, is in conflict with the 'cultural elite' that's ruling the country more and more.

So just as with the Assange case, the media ignore what they find embarrassing, stick to tabloid journalism as much as they can, and attack and smear anything that goes against their agenda.

'As I See It'

Malmö, Sweden & The World is a blog run by a 68 year old retiree. He mostly takes pictures of the area he lives in - an area that's increasingly becoming one of the major eyesores in Europe and one of the trouble areas the 'cultural elite' systematically are ignoring.

You don't need to understand Swedish to visit his blog - you need only look at the pictures. The blogger often goes out early in the morning after the night's 'festivities' have died down and takes pictures of the destruction.

Here's another video clip he made of the area only a few days ago. Idyllic Sweden.

The Swedish media run by the 'cultural elite' won't normally report on things like this. The only way Swedes (or anyone else for that matter) find out is through Norwegian news teams who sometimes cross the border.

Foreign minister Bildt, immigration minister Billström interviewed above, and the rest of the Swedish cabinet are fully aware the situation is untenable and requires emergency action. But they daren't whisper a word of it.

Remember: Julian Assange would have been an immigrant too.

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