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Sweden: How could you do this to us, Julian?

Yet another Swedish documentary for Swedes only - except this time...

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Swedish national television are airing a 'documentary' on Julian Assange tonight that's really more about Sweden than Julian Assange. It's meant for the unwashed Swedish masses. Expect the worst.

As is widely known, Swedes are horrifically uninformed about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and the powers that be want to keep it that way. They had 'judicial expert' (with no credentials whatsoever) Lena Sundström appear on national television to tell people to not think about the Assange case.

And so forth.

But the brunt of tonight's Propaganda Hour will now focus on an issue most Swedes still don't want to touch with a barge pole: what happened to the country's international reputation and credibility?

And here's the latest in a long line of Swedish jokes: it's all Julian's fault!

That's what the show will convey. So brace yourselves. By later tonight (or tomorrow) the show may be available on SVT Play but it'll be in Swedish so it'll remain a private matter so the outside world will presumably have no insight (which is what they really want).

But several blogs and websites will get the information out. Such as this site, such as Flashback, such as Professor Marcello.


Flashback find out everything. They're on top of this planned smear as well. The redoubtable flashback979 posted the following earlier today.

Professor Marcello has about the same view as we do on tonight's documentary. Namely that it's propaganda. Both the title and the intro give the game away. The objective is to further smear Julian Assange, a man who's done more for transparency and democracy than anyone else but who ends up getting smeared more than anyone else.


Professor Marcello - Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli - is a lifelong freedom fighter, having been on the barricades against Pinochet (and imprisoned by him) as well as involved in numerous freedom movements in South America. His knee jerk reaction to what the governmentally controlled Swedish television are trying to sneak onto their unwashed masses is unequivocal.

Swedish national television SVT will tonight show a new propaganda programme on the Swedish case against Assange, this time with the title 'Julian Assange - The World's Love Affair'.

The bottom line in this PR trick (as already seen in the government's description of the programme) is 'how could WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange manage to get the world to doubt Swedish credibility?'

Wow. What a mouthful. Did Sweden need any help from Julian Assange?

Marcello puts it best.

The problem with Swedish credibility is of a political nature and the worsening of that credibility is the absolute responsibility of the Swedes themselves.

√ It has to do with their lying to the world about their previously revered 'Nobel Prize' neutrality. As they in secret work with the CIA, NATO, Carl Rove, and who knows who and what else with an unsavoury reputation.

√ Swedes send JAS Gripen fighter planes to Libya under the auspices of the US and NATO and arm the planes with air to ground missiles - and then insist the planes won't be used in killing? Who but a Swede would believe that?

√ They try to convince the unwashed masses that the Sweden Democrats who are critical of the mismanaged immigration policy are a 'one issue' party - and yet turn around and are the most vociferous opponents of betraying Swedish neutrality?

√ They try to give credit to the 'feminazis' who've been orchestrating campaigns against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange since 24 August last year?

√ They try to hide the feminist takeover of Sweden's world famous Pirate Party who today can't say a single word about Julian Assange or WikiLeaks?

√ They try to brush over the formally instituted 'state feminism' (the concept even has its own page at Swedish Wikipedia) by the country's legendary Social Democrats who as everyone today knows collaborated with the CIA in the rendition to torture of Egyptian nationals.

√ There is governmental control of all media in Sweden - all media organisations need 'government subsidies' to survive because taxation is so high; the subsidies are normally set to match the level of taxation; but there's a bean counter in a dark office down a long corridor who can turn money flow off at any time. Swedish media deliberately isolate the unwashed masses from the views in the world around to make sure the not quite neutral Swedish state won't in effect shut them down - and now the peoples of the world around know that too.

'The list is far too long', laments Professor Marcello. And it hurts everyone to even think about it.

Yes Swedish credibility in the world is now very low. But it was very high in the past when Sweden was still run by solid and honest politicians of the calibre of Olof Palme, Pierre Schori, or opposition leaders such as Gösta Bohman, Ola Ullsten, Lars Werner.
 - Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli

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