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DSK case shows Sweden must deal with false rape complaints

Ingrid Carlqvist on Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

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The former IMF leader was released a few hours ago once the claimant was found to have been lying in her testimony. DSK's fate shows us it's high time to deal with all the fake accusations that ruin the lives of the victimised suspects. Sweden has the highest number of rape complaints in the EU - how many of them are made up? No one knows because no one's bothered to investigate. But I'll go out on a limb and say: most complaints are bogus.

In April 2009 we read a shocking report claiming Sweden was the #1 rape country in Europe. More than 5,000 complaints per year is twice as many as #2 England.

The feminists say it's because Swedish women dare to file complaints.

The statisticians say it's because the concept of rape is much broader in Sweden and that therefore one cannot compare statistics like that.

The Sweden Democrats say it's due to all the immigrants coming from countries that don't respect the women's rights to not wear a burka.

I says there's a bit of truth in each of those explanations, but there's another explanation that's the most important, that always portrays men as perpetrators and women as victims. Most rape complaints are false. I base my conclusions on the hundreds of preliminary investigations and verdicts I've reviewed in my 30 years as a journalist.

The news site Sydsvenskan recently featured a very interesting review of rape accusations in Lund this past year. Of 41 filed complaints, none led to prosecution.

Amnesty of Sweden went through the roof. For years they've been criticising the fact that so few rape cases end up in court. They demanded a review board. Perhaps some of you are wondering - Amnesty? Aren't they supposed to fight to get people out of prison? Not get them in?

But in such case you haven't been watching close enough. Amnesty changed their mission over the past few years. Today they're just yet another in a long line of rabid feminist organisations always portraying men as perpetrators and women as the victims.

But because 'Sydsvenskan' collated all 41 cases, their readers could draw their own conclusions about how reasonable those cases were. Aside from a couple of 'outdoor' rape complaints with assault in the mix, where the police couldn't track down the perpetrators, those 41 cases were all about young women who'd been so drunk they couldn't even remember what happened, about misunderstandings about what rape is, and about cases where the motive appears to be revenge or greed for a sizeable damages settlement.

Here are a few examples.

  • 22yo female student is drinking with her friends in her student corridor and wakes up next to a male student. She's worried they might have had sex but she doesn't remember anything. Case dismissed. No sign any crime was committed.

  • 21yo female student wakes up outside her home with 2.46 promille alcohol. All she remembers is someone was holding her and it felt cold between her legs. Case dismissed. No results from the investigation.

  • A couple take part in group sex. The 22yo female is having sex with two people when a third person wants to join. The woman says no but her boyfriend says it's OK if the third man uses a condom. The woman states in her police interrogation that she didn't stop things because sex with the first two was so good. Case dismissed.

  • A couple separate but continue to live under the same roof for another 1.5 years. The 41yo female files a complaint that her former husband forced himself on her twice per week during this time. Case dismissed. No sign any crime was committed.

  • A 29yo woman files a complaint that back in 2008, her husband had sex with her despite her clearly indicating she didn't want to - and she thinks she might have said 'no'. The suspect was never questioned. Case dismissed.

Swedish police stations deal with this type of weak and weird rape complaint every day. They never question what the woman says out of fear for being accused of in effect 'molesting the woman again'. I think you'd have to say you were gang-raped by the King, Gaddafi, and aliens for them to even raise their eyebrows and tell you to get the F out and stop wasting their time.

A prosecutor may not bring charges if there's no indication a case can lead to a conviction. The prosecutors who follow that rule are many when it comes to rape cases, but they're constantly under attack by the rabid feminists and the media.

Unfortunately we've seen a new prosecutors group emerge in the past few years who have the same agenda as ROKS, Amnesty, and the others. They're mostly women, they specialise in sex cases, and they speak openly about how they care for the 'women and children' and want to help them 'convict the perpetrators'. They're very often paid for this fervor by the media who portray them as heroes.

And it's because of them there are hundreds of innocent men rotting away in prison cells today. These are ordinary Joes who normally would never see the inside of a prison cell. And now they're forced to be there for years.

The Swedish media can't be bothered digging into the rape case chaos. It's a lot easier to keep on writing the same agitated reports about how few cases go to court and conviction. The journalists who challenge the official myth of rape land Sweden are immediately attacked on all fronts by both the feminist lobby and their own colleagues.

When Strauss-Kahn was arrested for that alleged rape, thousands of feminists went out into the streets to shout out their joy. What kind of women are they? Why do they do that without first checking the facts?

Anyone who wants to reduce the Swedish rape statistic is going to have to stop believing women always tell the truth. One has to remain neutral and not lock oneself into a prejudicial attitude about what gender lies and what gender tells the truth.

The New York prosecutors did their job. They reviewed the evidence and discovered a woman who time and again lied to the police and the US immigration authorities. She'd lied about rape before and above all they heard how she rang up a good friend in prison and discussed how much money she could get out of the DSK complaint. The conversation was recorded by the authorities.

Praise to the US prosecutors who thanks to thorough research could come up with the decisive information.

I hope that woman is punished severely if the accusations are found to be false. Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been hurt hard by the accusation as has his wife and his children. He lost his job and most likely his chance to campaign for the presidency of the republic.

When are Swedish police and prosecutors going to come forward and tell the citizenry what they know - that the overwhelming majority of rape accusations in Sweden are false?

Marianne Ny appears all the more in a class of her own. Or as Mark Stephens described her: Stalin's Beria.
 - flashback979

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