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Happy Birthday WikiLeaks

4 October 2006 - 4 October 2011: five years of crushing bastards.

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Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have had more major news scoops in their brief five year history than all the news organisations of the world combined in their entire history. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have brought truth to the people beyond the crass lies and brazen denials of duly elected representatives and their cronies in the media.

If the past year of concerted smears against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have taught us anything, it's the focused - yet sloppy - way the mainstream media work to disparage things and people who threaten to expose them.

From the sensationalistic reporting of the Daily Mail to the calls for assassination and kidnapping by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News to the twisted daggers of Nick Davies (who obviously never read the Swedish police preliminary investigation) to the media blackout in Sweden save for clinically insane ranting by the Swedish state feminist media mafia, we've seen that journalism - as a human enterprise to procure the truth - is best left in the hands of the citizenry who today, thanks to the Internet, have the means to get at it on their own. 'Truth' that almost always turns out to be far removed from what the landed gentry 'media' are reporting.

Time and again Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have trumped corrupt media organisations and for the first time ever given people unfettered access to the truth.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have in the past five years released a walloping 10,686 leaks. A superhuman effort would be needed to go through them all and give the material justice. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have changed the world we live in.

The first WikiLeaks release was in December 2006 - an alleged assassination order signed by Somali rebel leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys calling for the execution of government officials by hired criminals. It also included intercepted mail from the TNG discussing how to involve China in the Somali civil war.


Bank Julius Bär: obviously a lot of bastards there as well. The WikiLeaks website is ripe with documents about further bastards who used Bär to hide their bastard fortunes. Bär have their headquarters in Switzerland but also have offices in Frankfurt, Milan, Geneva, Dubai, Grand Cayman, New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Since 2005 they've been one of the biggest 'wealth management' firms on the planet. Assets entrusted to Bär are evaluated at over $430 billion.

The Bär leaks were also sent to the German tax authorities and the Swiss finance magazine CASH. The Bär bastards may have to pay back huge amounts or possibly lose their entire illicit fortunes.


Bank Julius Bär tried to stop WikiLeaks: they brought in heavy Hollywood legal guns. WikiLeaks brought in even more legal guns and won.

Reuters knew of the murder of two of their staff in Baghdad and tried to find out the truth. They pursued the US military through the Freedom of Information act and were denied. Finally an encrypted copy of the footage from an Apache gunship made its way to WikiLeaks. The result was the 'Collateral Murder' video clip. A website dedicated to the clip still exists today.

The US military? Bastards. Worse still: It was found that a reporter for the Washington Post had a copy of the clip for two years but told no one. Bastard.

25 July 2010 saw the release of the Afghan War Diaries. 76,000 documents released, another 15,000 withheld for 'harm minimisation'. Those documents told another story about the US war of aggression in Afghanistan. Deputy British prime minister Nick Clegg immediately asked parliament to begin an investigation of British war crimes in Afghanistan. Prime minister David Cameron told parliament afterwards to ignore Nick Clegg.


The United Nations demanded Barack Obama immediately look into war crimes. Barack Obama ignored the United Nations.


Julian Assange was warned twice that the US might be trying to neutralise him. He was warned once by countrymen and again when arriving in Sweden. He didn't see the attack coming - he thought he was in a 'safe place'. He wasn't. The thirteen month long ordeal he's gone through shows how many bastards there are out there.

Sweden's since been shown to be a puppet government of the US. US embassy staff in Stockholm dictate foreign and domestic policy to the Swedes just like they do with Haiti. They have a checklist. The Swedes need to do what they're told or else risk economic sanctions. And former Bush bastard Karl Rove is there to coach the Swedish prime minister so he can fight off his political opponents and win elections.


The Swedes were told to shut down The Pirate Bay even though their chief prosecutor Håkan Roswall already concluded there was nothing illegal about the website. Former minister of justice Thomas Bodström was told by the White House to come down on The Pirate Bay and fast. Bodström violated Swedish law to give the White House what they wanted. He dictated the wishes of the White House to the prosecutors - it's all there in the cables WikiLeaks released. Roswall knew how his bread was buttered and so he fudged facts to build a case against The Pirate Bay. Magistrate Norström refused to recuse himself from presiding over the case even though he's a member of several powerful lobby organisations controlled by the US. Norström 'fixed' the desired verdict in the case, a verdict that's legally impossible.


Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén trapped Julian Assange. What Eva Finné corrected in twenty four hours was taken apart and opened up again, thanks to Anna Ardin and Claes Borgström. Borgström is an already infamous bastard for milking taxpayers for SEK 5 million in the Thomas Quick scandal. Borgström's buddy Thomas Bodström - a bastard suspected of being the one actually in control of the harassment of Julian Assange - contacted Marianne Ny whom he'd gifted with a fancy new job to pull in a favour.

The Iraq War Logs: you thought the Afghan War Diaries were big? Even the bastard Alan Rusbridger had to admit 22 October was a great moment in journalism. And many readers were impressed back then with the work the Guardian did on the presentation of the new releases. So was old journalism really dead? Most people believed it was but the Guardian's work for the Iraq War Logs made them pause to consider.

But not for long. A month later the world saw Cablegate and the entire planet went into a tailspin. Rodents came out of the woodwork to scream and pee all over their knickers. Hillary Clinton went ballistic when it was revealed she'd signed an order for her people in the UN to spy on officials and the secretary general. 251,287 all told - US embassy cables exposing wrongdoing on a theretofore unimaginable scale.


Five years on and Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have changed the world. There's no going back now. Wander down to Wall Street, either in person or via YouTube, and take a look for yourself. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks helped bring about the Arab Spring, and now protesters in major cities in the US are having a belated spring of their own. People are aware today. Their eyes are open. They see the bastards. And they want them crushed.

Happy Birthday WikiLeaks.

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