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For #OccupyWallStreet

By Hope Asya.

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in America life isn't fair, work hard for your share and end up on welfare
because there is no meritocracy, the system breeds mediocrity
you think you're fucking free but you're living the totality
it's everything you see so you see it as reality
the worst kind of depravity, and I say so with all gravity
you can say you're doing great or that it's fate
tell me your country is first rate and pretend
the state of the state isn't something we create
but you're all just apologists and fucking closet nihilists
so you can go ahead and file this under shit with liberal biases
cause you and your system won't be missed
when the rest of us realise we're pissed
because the invisible hand is a fist and corporations have us by the wrist
they say 'stop hitting yourself' as we vote down public health
and hand over public wealth
leaving our minds and morals on the shelf
a trophy for the guys on top who never stop
and don't blink at a sweatshop
when you see you're just a prop in this show
and there's no room to grow
you'll know that you reap what you sow
does this nation have to implode before we pick an alternate road?
This isn't the Da Vinci Code
there isn't a conspiracy, just look at things empirically
there's a growing disparity and economic irregularity
but I can't say solidarity without people getting scared of me
anything shared is a threat to our prosperity
How many people have died or had to hide
been blacklisted for caring how others were faring?
Daring and declaring that Beck's a red herring
that big brother is staring
and that freedom isn't ringing when detainees are singing?
Maybe I'm crazy but it's strange to me
give bread to the needy and you're a saint to the greedy
ask why they don't have bread and they'll paint you Red
that shred of doubt fills them with dread
they want you to think their system keeps everyone fed
believe what they've said and work till you're dead
they need you unable to see the system's unstable
that its success is a historical fable and that just cause you've got cable
and options on the table doesn't mean you have a choice
if there's no money in your wallet you haven't got a voice
success on Wall Street is no reason to rejoice
if you're living on Main Street you don't get a Rolls Royce

Used by permission. Visit Hope at @nwbtcw.

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