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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — They might not be able to unite over #OccupyWallStreet or the invisible male power structure or the highly visible feminist power structure, but there are still a few things that can get Swedes going. Such as #Ganna.

Ganna's a 91 year old woman from the Ukraine who came to Sweden to be with her family. She's mostly blind, suffers from Alzheimer's, and has heart problems. Tobias Billström, head of Sweden's strangely named Migrationsverket, decided to boot her back out of the country. Back to the Ukraine where she has no family at all.

Sweden's immigration policy is a mess. The police are aware that most applicants come on false pretenses, yet are allowed to stay. They're also aware of factional rivalries where people from one belligerent ethnic group will garner representation in the court system so they can systematically refuse entry to another belligerent ethnic group. And so on.

This goes on all the time. Nobody utters a word. But poor Ganna? Now of all times Billström's people decide to get tough.

This didn't go down well with the Swedish people. Ganna was supposed to be on a flight back to the Ukraine at 13:00 local time today. Demonstrators met at Arlanda international airport outside Stockholm to protest. And Twitter went mad with indignation.

√ Per Olsson wrote to Billström's office, demanding an explanation. And got a typically lame reply.

√ Titti Schultz called Billström 'a spineless clown'.

√ Marit Bergman asked 'how many more ridiculous things will come out of Billström's mouth before he's forced to resign?'

And so forth. But the European Court stopped Ganna's departure at the very last moment. A so-called 'inhibition'. Sweden's 'duly elected representatives' didn't lift a finger. And here's where it suddenly becomes obvious what's wrong.

 Ganna with her granddaughter Anna Otto and her newborn great granddaughter.

For the 'duly elected representatives' are people elected by the people (such as those on Twitter) to carry out their will. Yet none of them wanted poor Ganna to leave. The 'duly elected representatives' are supposed to do what the people want. That's their job.

This worked great back in the day when one had to buggy to get to the capital. And the 'duly elected representatives' were told by their constituencies what they were supposed to fight for, what they were supposed to do.

But today when people can communicate at literally the speed of light, that old system seems archaic. And not too effective. And it certainly works in favour of the 'duly elected representatives' who today earn way too much money to do way too little for their people.

'Duly elected representatives' are supposed to do what the people want. And if they don't do what they're supposed to, then they should be booted out.

Tobias Billström took the day off, scooted out of town to the west coast to be as far away as possible.

 Tobias Billström.

Tobias seems absolutely delighted with himself and his life. How long should that be allowed to last?

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