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The Goose, The Gander, Anna Ardin

There's enough for a psychologists convention.

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Anna Ardin exploded today. Again. The erstwhile body double for Greta Garbo's gone through the roof because her close friend, confidante, and lesbian sister in arms Kajsa Borgnäs was outed by the media for shoplifting.

Kajsa Borgnäs is also known as witness 'C' in the protocols of the Assange preliminary investigation. Borgnäs came to the famous crayfish party with 'friend' Alexander Franzén, herself one of the crowd and placed at the time with the Swedish embassy in Turkey. Today Franzén is back home in Lund, cohabiting with a younger girl 24 years of age.

According to Borgnäs' own police testimony, Anna Ardin took Borgnäs aside as the latter arrived at the crayfish party and boasted of having bedded Julian Assange the night before. 'But you can screw him now', Ardin told Borgnäs. 'He's the worst fuck ever.'

Borgnäs' friend Franzén was to later stand up before the guests and declare officiously: 'OK this year we have men here at the crayfish party - but next year: NO MEN!' Something that got both Johannes Wahlström and Donald Boström to nearly choke on their crayfish.

Johannes Wahlström told the police he'd seen a lot of similar outbursts in his time as a student in Sweden. He also told the police he approached Anna Ardin afterwards for a comment on the Franzén outburst, and Ardin's reply had been 'so what huh - sometimes we girls need time for ourselves'.

But it was over the past weekend that a leak in the Stockholm police led to the disclosure in the Swedish media that Kajsa Borgnäs had been arrested for shoplifting, had admitted the crime, and will go on trial in 2012. Borgnäs has also dropped her involvement with the Social Democrat party where she still had a few key assignments. Her political career is officially over.

Ardin's 'explosion' today on Twitter - predicted to go into cultural history by the doyens of Flashback - was about her poor friend Kajsa Borgnäs who complained to the police that stealing expensive books is bad - but it's hard to get by on a student allowance. Yet how the theft of $250 of books was expected to pay the bills or why the public library was shut down wasn't something Borgnäs got into.

Ardin exploded because a policeman leaked to the media.

'Swedish private media suck, why do they always ask the wrong questions?! I thank god we still have public service.'
 - @therealardin

But the media didn't ask any questions. Because they didn't interview Borgnäs. The police interviewed Borgnäs. And they didn't have to ask many questions as Borgnäs unraveled immediately.

'Freedom of information is important but what about privacy & rule of law when Stockholm police leak like a fucking sieve?'
 - @therealardin

But Anna Ardin does have a point. There are rules of secrecy in Sweden. Rules that have been violated as never before in the case of Julian Assange. A case which involved not only trophy hunter Anna Ardin but some of her closest friends in the duckpond. People not only in her politically lesbian circles but also in the media.

Yes what about those leaky policemen? What about a Mats Gehlin who gives Julian Assange his solemn promise that nothing more will leak to the media - only for Julian Assange to find out already the next morning that everything's leaked again?

Let's remember Expressen's editor Thomas Mattsson's own words about why he chose to violate the strong code of Swedish journalistic ethics and out Julian Assange with the glaring 'double rape' headline: 'because Assange is famous'. Let's remember how Anna Ardin's good friend Niklas Svensson sat at his computer through the wee hours of that Saturday morning 21 August 2010 and tweeted incessantly about his 'scoop' of the arrest.

Let's remember as well how several sources have spoken about the police copies of Anna Ardin's SMS messages wherein she reveals her plan to go to the media with her story of the police complaint - a plan that would lack all substance if Assange's name wasn't revealed. Let's remember that Anna Ardin went off that very evening 20 August with her now outed friend Kajsa Borgnäs to celebrate the start of her 'plan of revenge' against Julian Assange at the Klara police station earlier that afternoon.

Let's remember as well that Kajsa Borgnäs has already confessed to her crime - she was caught with the goods, there is evidence - and that Julian Assange is still only wanted for questioning. Let's remember as well that one of the cornerstones of jurisprudence is the radical notion of presumption of innocence.

But such lofty principles have no place in the spoiled brat world of Anna Ardin. What is good for the goose is definitely not good for the gander. Hunting down the world's coolest guy and getting him to one's bed is all great and good - and certainly ups one's status in the wacko lesbian left of Stockholm, especially for a girl already notorious for sleeping with the sweethearts of her high school girlfriends - but it's not cool anymore if that world's coolest guy dumps her and runs off with a random girl.

(Anna Ardin doesn't take kindly to being dumped - she originally published her plan of revenge precisely for a man who'd dumped her.)

Fabricating evidence is also cool. It's totally cool, for example, to make up a completely new story when one hears that the charges against Julian Assange have been dropped. It's totally cool to tell the police one may still have a used condom a week after the fact - because all groupies save used condoms, don't they?

And it's also totally cool to, when flustered, grab a brand new condom out of a dusty old box that's rarely been touched in ages, and rip it apart without even a fleeting thought about the fact that fingernails only yield mitochondrial DNA from one source, and condoms really used for sex always have a torrent of chromosomal DNA from two sources.

It's also totally cool to participate in one of the ugliest media campaigns ever to completely destroy another human being's reputation, even though that human being is presumed innocent. It's totally cool to drag in an entire LGBT network to do what in other countries is called - and prosecuted severely as - 'contempt of court'.

That's all cool. All of it. But it is not cool when the table turns.

Anna Ardin isn't altogether. She has something gone wrong in her penthouse suite. Her lift can't make it to the top floor. She's not playing with a full deck. Or as they say at Flashback: 'there's a screw loose in there somewhere'.

A year ago she was headed to the Middle East. Then she wasn't. She was hired on by a media organisation, then she was sacked. Then she complained they didn't pay her for work they never said they wanted.

Then she fled her flat in Tjurbergsgatan in Stockholm and changed her official state records to point to the island of Gotland instead. And then two months later changed her records back to Tjurbergsgatan again.

Anna Ardin doesn't know whether she's coming or going. She keeps going and keeps coming back. And keeps going again. This erratic behaviour isn't recent either: she's been doing this all along through her life. She's been going through her 'Greta Garbo thing' for at least the past four years. Admittedly she had a brief fling with Sharon Stone, but she's crept back to Garbo and evidently been forgiven by the silent movie goddess. Anna Ardin keeps trying to convince herself she looks like Garbo. Or perhaps the other way around. And her latest is she fancies herself a Garbo lookalike for the famous 1931 movie Mata Hari.

There's enough in Anna Ardin's head for a psychologists convention.

Postscript: Anna Ardin's Quick & Dirty

Compiled by Flashback's 'Juxtaposition666'.

  • Equality officer at Uppsala University. Files a complaint against a man browsing through a notebook during a lecture, calls it 'harassment', the man's found guilty.
  • Publishes her '7 steps of revenge'.
  • Stationed at the Swedish embassy in Montevideo, complains in a report about the treatment of Latin American women.
  • Meets justice minister Thomas Bodström in 2002 for the first time.
  • Gets to know Ulf Bjereld well. Bjereld has connections with and esoteric knowledge of Swedish intelligence agencies, is a former communist, and now like Ardin and Bodström a member of the 'brotherhood'.
  • Takes part in the 'Ship to Gaza' tragedy where eight activists lose their lives.
  • Works with OneSweden with Paidea involved.
  • Flees Cuba where she'd been working undercover with the opposition.
  • Cousin Mattias leads the Swedish troops in Afghanistan in the 2000s.
  • Friends in the cultural marxist media left create the Twitter campaign #prataomdet using strategies taken from the Swedish total defence system.
  • Retains Claes Borgström, known for his extreme feminist views and eight false convictions of his client Thomas Quick.
  • Deletes her tweets written after having sex with Julian Assange where she tells the world how fantastic he is.
  • Possibly gets a 'rape certificate' from Lotti Helström with the same type of false data used against the now acquitted intelligence officer previously sentenced to six years prison. Helström's married to Peter Danovsky, the notorious lawyer from the trial of The Pirate Bay who badgered witnesses. Both are friends of Borgström and Bodström.
  • Complains of leaks to media only when it affects her and her friends - otherwise it's totally OK and she might be doing the leaking herself.

Postscript: Anna Ardin Scrapbook

1. Anna Ardin's friend Niklas Svensson with his wife, former porn star 'Lisa' von Garrelts Lindström. Svensson pushed the story of the 'serial rapist'.

2. Anna Ardin's friend Kajsa Borgnäs who was arrested last week for shoplifting. Because of the value of the stolen goods, Borgnäs will face felony charges and could go to prison.

3. A previous Twitter pic where Ardin is not trying to look like Garbo or Sharon Stone.

4. Scene of the crayfish party 14 August 2010 where Ardin tweeted 'sitting outdoors freezing at 02:00 with the world's coolest people, amazing'.

5. Ardin's latest incarnation (November 2011) as Greta Garbo in Mata Hari.

6. Yanun: the village in the Middle East Ardin decided to not move to.

7. Artwork found at an Ardin fansite.

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