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So let's see. Barack Obama drops the trousers on his $25,000 suit and pulls something called the Espionage Act out of his backside.

The Espionage Act of 1917 is a US federal law from 15 June 1917, shortly after that country's entry into WW1. It was to prohibit attempts to interfere with military operations, to support enemies during wartime, to promote insubordination in the military, or to interfere with military recruitment. This all for the president who'd just entered office after winning an election on a 'no war' ticket.

So the law is more than 94 years old.

One would assume it applied only to citizens and residents of the US. And most likely that's the only way it can reasonably be applied. But times have changed. For the US today won't stand for people breaking their laws anywhere. They have a grand jury sequestered in a military hamlet outside the capital where they're at work trying to find a case against Julian Assange.

They want to make their persecution of the WikiLeaks founder appear to be 'legit'. Good luck.

The idea that one country can pass a law - however heinous - and demand it apply to people living elsewhere in other countries is nothing less than imperialism. One might as well pass a law in Macau outlawing KFC restaurants, indicting all franchise holders in the US, and pursuing legal avenues to have then extradited and stand trial. It's not only ridiculous - it's barbaric hegemony.

Britannia can't be called ruler of the waves any longer but the US can - with naval fleets in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, with naval air forces, naval surface forces, submarine forces, with their Third Fleet, Seventh Fleet, Second Fleet, Fourth Fleet, Sixth Fleet, Fifth Fleet, Tenth Fleet, Sealift Command, Special Warfare Command, Network Warfare Command, Reserve Force, and Test and Evaluation Force - those dudes control the entire planet.

They're out of sight in the Med. They have bases all over the world. They control all oceanic rims. They're bloody everywhere. Thank goodness for their sake water isn't territorial if it's far enough from land. So they patrol. The entire planet. Day and night. Everywhere. They're your police force. And you will do things their way sooner or later.

They think they control it all and they believe they should control it all. It's some manifest destiny or whatever. They're honour bound to defend freedom. Which they believe they've been doing for - what did that 4 July cake at CENTCOM in Iraq say? Four hundred years?

So you're up against it. You're up against a monster military industrial complex and a pervasive military way of life in their home country.

People everywhere in the US hang flags on their houses. The houses come built with flag holders. Don't have a flag holder on the house? We ain't buying.

And they fly the flags. To denote what country they live in. What other country is around? It's not like they're on a border with anyone else. Unless they want to get the Canadians pissed or wax patriotic along the Rio Grande. What other flag would they fly? Can you see someone raising a French flag in Texas? That'd be cool.

The United Nations is built on US soil. On land granted by the Rockefellers. And for that matter: how many countries have a US occupation? Where's Bill Blum to help us? What's this bit about grabbing a corner of Cuba, holding onto it for dear life, and then practicing open hostility to the rest of the island?

How many US grunts are there in Britain? How many war planes? What countries do they have agreements with for naval bases? How many troops are there in Germany? Other countries? What the fuck is going on?

Trillions of dollars in debt and yet they spend hundreds of billions each year on building new war toys. What a wonderful planet we live on where one country goes absolutely batshit insane, running the economy into the ground, cannot guarantee their residents a decent standard of living, but can pour taxpayer cash into these war toys year after year? Thomas Drake? Know the name?

What kind of life is it where 'military' is on everyone's mind 23 hours per day? Where guns guns and more guns proliferate everywhere? Where people can walk into a shop next to their corner drug store, buy an AK-47, and go right out and start murdering people at the IHOP? What kind of fucked up society is that? What the fuck is wrong with those people?

But they want to rule the world. They have their fleets. And their armies. And their airplanes. And their weapons of Armageddon. And they want to take a single brave Australian currently resident in Europe and apprehend him because they don't like what he's doing even though he's not in their country.

Obama's also granted himself the right to murder anyone anywhere at any time. He's king Obama. Emperor Obama. He's so powerful he doesn't have to fulfill campaign promises. He's so powerful he could pass a law giving him the right to have you arrested for simply reminding him he's a bold faced liar and charlatan. Bush was bad but Obama's far worse. Some change.

The economy of the US is totally military. The mindset of the US is totally 'this is our planet, stay out of the way motherfucker, we're gonna bust you if you don't behave'. Coca-Cola everywhere. McDonald's franchises in all countries. 'US culture'. Who wants it? Do people have a choice?

Bombs. Fighter planes. Sickeningly advanced weapons of destruction. People with minds so bent you'll never be able to straighten them out no matter how long you keep at it. A sexless castrated nation where it's OK to hurt and kill but it's got to be against the law to have sex. Where freedom of speech holds only if you don't say or think the wrong things.

Where the atheistic founding fathers have given way to a KKK culture of racist christian supremacy. Those organisations are OK. It's not a crime in the US to be totally stupid.

But it is a crime to expose injustice and the crimes of the US government.

It's a dictatorship. A despotic monarchy. It's totalitarian. And you know what? They don't care you've come to realise it. They don't give a shit. Because you're not going to protest, nobody's going to utter a word, things will only get worse. And that's the way of the world.

They'll start appropriating other nations next. The US will gain another 150 colonies. The UN will become world headquarters for the United Nations of America.

Enjoy your soup.

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