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An ICE Bucket of Bullshit

Suck it up.

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The US government have two unindexed clips at YouTube. Here's the first.

Here's the second 'enhanced' version.

Note that these are hyped as public service announcements.

They're supposed to be what you see if you casually wander into websites ICE have seized. Such as TV Shack.

Note the idiots saved their splash as a GIF and lead straight into a full screen YouTube clip. Don't steal!

The dude in the porkpie is giving away free movies. He's got a stand on the street and that's what his sign says. Free movies. There's only one catch: there's a cleaning lady standing next to him. She loses her job if you take a free movie.

Yeah right. That poor cleaning lady probably can't even get by on what the Hollywood moguls are paying her. She probably doesn't have any pension plan or dental plan or insurance. And she probably doesn't get any paid holidays either. She's part of the 99%.

The clips aren't indexed. ICE don't want you to find them. They want them to find you. And they don't like viewer comments.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE are US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They have their own website. They work directly for Hollywood.

Hollywood used to be a good place and a good way to make money. Then along came VHS and DVD and suddenly they could make even more money. But that wasn't enough for the Gordon Geckos of the modern cinema - always better at cutting costs (and screwing cleaning ladies) than actually creating new markets and new products, they devised a diabolical scheme.

Movie productions have hundreds of subcontractors and subcontractors to the subcontractors. What would it be like if you paid these subcontractors only on video rentals and home video sales? Hey!

So today when a movie ends and everyone scurries to the exits, those subcontractors sit on and wait for their names to roll up on screen. 'There I am! I'm going to get paid!' No more ending a movie with a single screen as in the good old days.

But they slipped up. They embraced a technology that initially sent their profits skyrocketing (but didn't help the cleaning lady). Then along came the Internet bandwidth revolution. Uh-oh.

Now they want people - the very people they've been screwing - to take pity on them. They've poured hundreds of millions into bribing the US congress (but not into healthcare plans for the cleaning lady).

They've shown that they really don't care much about anyone. They've deliberately ruined lives to set an example - all in a gargantuan effort to save formerly lucrative markets they don't have the talent to creatively restructure.

None of it works.

They tried to shut down the Pirate Bay (and paid for the verdict in Stockholm). They're trying to extradite the university student from the UK who started TV Shack. And now they've busted the people behind Megaupload.

But please don't be angry at them. They're doing it all for the cleaning lady.

Suck it up.

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