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Sweden Battening the Hatches Against Fearless WikiLeaks Attack

This is what the ducks are told by Niklas Svensson and Expressen.

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THE DUCKPOND (Radsoft) — Patriotic Swedish ducks everywhere are battening the hatches against what Niklas Svensson and Expressen are painting as another fearless attack by WikiLeaks - Jennifer Robinson and Kristinn Hrafnsson speaking in Almedalen.

Almedalen is of course the annual event on the island of Gotland where the country's most boring and parasitic people - politicians - get together to talk utter nonsense and get uproariously drunk for a week. It's where feminist star Anna Ardin made a fool out of herself (yes again) last year, tweeting pics of her torn stockings and salacious gossip from the dance floor of a nightclub where she had to drop the name 'Thomas Bodström' to get in the front door.

This year's yawner promised to be a bit better what with the visit of two WikiLeaks luminaries. Jennifer Robinson arrived on the island last night and tweeted that the weather was wonderful. The normally reserved Kristinn Hrafnsson so far tweeted nothing.

The Executioner's Cottage

Robinson and Hrafnsson were put up in Bödelstugan, the old executioner's cottage. The cottage is big enough for perhaps half a dozen sardines but luck was on their side: they got to sit outdoors to speak with the ducks.

They look fearless.

The Real Executioner

The real executioner was elsewhere. He might have been in the office in Marieberg but most likely was hiding in his hotel room, nursing a hangover and sending in his report for the day: 'WikiLeaks planning action in Visby'.

And it's a delicious article too. This is why Niklas Svensson is - by far - Sweden's highest paid hatchet man. Svensson's of course the slimy journo who's married to a porn princess, he's the one who got convicted of breaking into the internal network servers of a political party, and the one who elbowed his immigrant colleague Diamant Salihu out of the way so he could take credit for what they all agree is Expressen's biggest scoop ever: the manhunt for serial rapist Julian Assange.

Fuddle the Ducks

Two years down the line and the revelations since 19 June now shared around the world and Svensson knows his task remains the same: fuddle the ducks.

VISBY. WikiLeaks are continuing their fight against Sweden and they've got Carl Bildt in their sights.

Julian Assange's organisation arrived in Almedalen yesterday with two representatives who have been critical of Bildt and his contacts with Hillary Clinton.

They're planning an action in Visby today.

And so forth. Most enlightening is Svensson's wee sidebar - the same type they used to smear Julian Assange in the well planned but utterly bogus 'grassroots campaign' prata om det.


Julian Assange visited Sweden in August 2010.

Expressen revealed that he was arrested in absentia on suspicion of rape and sexual molestation of two women.

Assange was arrested in absentia again in November 2010. A court in London ruled in February 2011 that he should be extradited to Sweden, a ruling repeated by the British Supreme High Court [sic] on 30 May 2012.

Since 19 June Assange has been at the embassy of Ecuador in London, seeking political asylum in Ecuador so he doesn't have to answer questions in Sweden.

Since the Swedish extradition request, WikiLeaks have directed forceful attacks on Sweden and foreign minister Carl Bildt for the purpose of casting suspicion on Sweden and stopping the extradition of Julian Assange who is charged with rape.

WikiLeaks have threatened in an internal document to expose Carl Bildt as an informer for the US, according to a report by Expressen from February 2012. At the same time WikiLeaks planned a massive campaign to smear Sweden.

One wonders where to start. A threat isn't a threat if it's in an internal document, Expressen's report from February 2012 was completely bogus and Svensson and his colleagues refused to publish the 'internal document', there was no mention at the time of any smear campaign - and it's not exactly a secret that Carl Bildt is in fact an informer for the US. One certainly doesn't need any documentation for that. Bildt's been closely aligned with the US all his adult life (and part of his teens).

And now, thanks to the InterWebs and thanks to WikiLeaks, we all know the real 'story behind the story' with the WikiLeaks founder and the radical feminist movement in Sweden: that it wasn't about radical feminism or rape or broken condoms at all. It was about keeping poor Julian on ice until the US could get things ready with their grand jury.

We now know why chief prosecutor Marianne Ny lied to the media and claimed it was illegal for her to question Assange in England. Why Sweden's major news outlets disappeared the story the following day. Why she tried to ambush Assange outside AF-huset in early October 2010 in Stockholm. Why she issued a third warrant on 27 September but kept it hidden away. Why her website scrubbed all details of those events in September and October 2010. Why she was so insistent Assange sit off the 2010 holidays in Wandsworth. Why she lost her cool and demanded Assange not be given two weeks to get his things in order.

Like Jan Eliasson before her - and cabinet worker Eliasson has today been rewarded for his help in crushing The Pirate Bay with a position at the UN in New York - Marianne Ny was doing the bidding of the United States. She's sucking up to the US exactly like Eliasson did six years ago.

Everyone knows that today. Since 19 June the news has spread globally. More and more details surface every day. It's never been about Assange versus Sweden - it's always been about Assange versus the US.

Everyone knows that. Everyone that is except the ducks in the pond. And convicted criminal Niklas Svensson isn't Sweden's highest paid hatchet man for nothing.

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