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Protect Women - Ban Heterosexuality, Put All Men Behind Bars

From Anna Ardin's Rebella Blog 2 September 2008.

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The big news in today's DN.se is that an unhappy marriage may be caused by genes.

Scientists have apparently come to the conclusion that there is a specific gene in a species of voles that controls pair behaviour and the same gene is found in some human males. These males are overrepresented in terms of being single, being unfaithful, and having disgruntled wives.

It's unpleasant to note that male sexuality and the piggish behaviour of men in general are once again made into a question of genes and biology rather than a question of power and social opportunities for certain groups of individuals.

The same argument has previously been used with regards to male sexual behaviour, in that the allegedly stronger male sex drive is, without notable opposition, used to excuse rape.

Now they're using it to explain bad marriages.

Isn't it time we active feminists used the same argument to formulate our political demands?

For if men are, genetically speaking, pigs who can't control their sexual urges, and are, genetically speaking, poor husbands, shouldn't we enact legislation that protects women by prohibiting heterosexual relationships in general and by keeping the male population safely behind bars?

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