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WikiLeaks: A Filling Station with No Petrol

It's only a matter of time.

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CANBERRA (Radsoft) — The Aussie puppets are chuffed. They think they're going to be able to ride out the storm. They sold out their country to teh Obama, they know they lose out in the deal, but they are determined to stick by it. And part of that deal is coming down hard on any and all enemies of the US, including Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Soon they'll be rewarded for their fealty.

WikiLeaks collaborator Philip Dorling, caretaker of hundreds of thousands of WikiLeaks documents for the lucky country down under, reported today on the dismal future of the whistle-blowing organisation as seen through the eyes of his country's democratically elected government.

'WikiLeaks doesn't have an electronic drop box any more', said Dorling's sources in Canberra. 'They haven't published anything of any great consequence for many months. There's just a Twitter feed. This phenomenon has run its course.'

The WikiLeaks 'drop box' - the cornerstone secure submission system - disappeared mysteriously when Daniel Domscheit-Berg sabotaged the organisation and left in the early autumn of 2010.

WikiLeaks had a backlog of docs in the pipeline, including the Iraq War Logs and Cablegate, but then things dried up. Assange was arrested in early December 2010, and since then the WikiLeaks saga has mostly been about court hearings in the UK and the Bradley Manning story in the US. No earth-shaking releases anymore.

Attention was diverted by the 'arab spring' where WikiLeaks releases played a big part.

Out with Kevin, In with Julia

Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd might not have been a big fan of Julian Assange, but he was a big fan of China. This wasn't to the liking of teh Obama. Australia had a decisive advantage over the US.

What to do? Engineer a palace coup. It's known today that Julia Gillard was placed in the PM seat by the US embassy, that one of the key Australian puppeteers was a US intel source, but that seemingly changes nothing. Teh Obama came to Oz, got kissed and fondled by the otherwise apparently frigid Gillard, got a warm handshake from the author of 'US Forces' (who according to some reports actually joked with teh Obama over the silly lyrics) and got his military base on Australian soil.

And today it's the US poised to exploit trade with China, not Gillard's sorry lot.

Julia Gillard screamed that what Julian Assange was doing was illegal. The federal inquiry proved this was not the case. Visa and MasterCard at least said they based their extrajudicial decision to block WikiLeaks donations on Gillard's statement (which she of course refuses to retract even to this day).

The wheels of power may turn slowly, but they're effective.

A Swedish 'Treasonist'?

And in the midst of this crisis - who should pop up? Someone notorious in the duckpond. Cecilia Malmström, bane of Rick Falkvinge, Christian Engström, and their Pirate Party. Why is she despised? Malmström became EU commissioner and immediately began working on EU laws with Eric Holder (yes that one) against child pornography.

But Malmström doesn't give a hoot about child pornography. As Engström warned on several occasions, Malmström was only using the 'kiddie porn scare' as the thin end of the wedge to introduce extensive censorship of the Internet in general. And it's since been revealed that she's had ingoing discussions with Holder as far back as 2010 on the fate of Julian Assange.

So Malmström's gambit this week, which superficially might look like the garden variety of astoundingly dumb duckpond statements, was actually a political tactic. Oh shucks, says Malmström, Julian should just go to Sweden. Where's the risk of rendition to the US? Answer some questions, Julian! Those dangers are purely theoretical!

It's purely theoretical that there's a sealed indictment against Julian Assange. It's purely theoretical that Malmström has been involved with the US in discussions about how to deal with WikiLeaks for the past two years. It's purely theoretical that there is today a dossier of over 40,000 pages on WikiLeaks. It's purely theoretical that the US pressured the wobbly FOC and William Hague to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge, to cause a worldwide diplomatic crisis, to get their hands on someone so far wanted only for questioning in Sweden on a series of (to say the least) weird allegations.

What's not purely theoretical is that the flow of donations to WikiLeaks has been reduced to a trickle, thanks to the likes of Peter King and Joe Lieberman. What is not purely theoretical is that potential donors might today be wondering what they're supposed to be giving money for. There's no way to make submissions.

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