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Marianne Ny & The Secrecy Act

It's more about Marianne Ny and Julian Assange. Or Carl Bildt.

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It looks innocent enough. It's a fairly sober and formal reply to a legal freedom of information request. But it's what's under the rug that makes the crucial difference.

In her reply, Marianne Ny has invoked the Secrecy Act in several instances to protect the journals of prosecutor on duty Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand who bungled the handling of the Julian Assange case on the fateful evening of Friday 20 August 2010, breaking every law and rule of logic in the book.

Kjellstrand justified issuing a warrant without first reading documentation on the case (there wasn't any documentation at that time: the case was only minutes old) because Assange wasn't a resident of Sweden and could therefore abscond - then she turned right around and violated the oath of her office by telling Diamant Salihu of the notorious Expressen (and thereby the world and thereby Assange) that Assange was under arrest and hunted for rape on the streets of Stockholm.

Which of course is the last thing you do if you want to catch someone before they leave the country. That is, if your purpose is as you pretend, to actually arrest someone and not just smear their good name.

An official complaint was filed against Kjellstrand by Sweden's equivalent of the ACLU, and the way the police and prosecutors dealt with that deserves an Oscar. The ombudsman office waited until there was official paperwork from the prosecutor's office, formally chastising Kjellstrand with a rap on the knuckles that didn't even hurt. Then the ombudsman office could simply refer to the action taken by the prosecutor's office and claim the matter had already been dealt with and needed no further action.

Standing ovation.

And all the questions people had went unanswered. Questions regarding, for example, Kjellstrand's communications with her husband that evening. Kjellstrand's husband works in the office of justice minister Beatrice Ask, and from Ask to Carl Bildt isn't even one full stride - barely a nanometre. Fredrik Reinfeldt may be prime minister, but his domain is domestic issues. It's Carl Bildt who really runs the country. And Bildt's had cosy relationships with the US Strategic Air command and the spooks in Langley since he was a scrapper, barely out of his teens, in some instances before he entered politics or even declared such intentions.

So was Carl Bildt on the Assange case already in the evening of Friday 20 August 2010? It's not only possible - it's likely. But will we ever know? Not if Marianne Ny can have anything to do with it. For what can be so sensitive in that journal of Kjellstrand's that absolutely everything - absolutely everything - has to be scrubbed, citing the Secrecy Act?

Here's the relevant part of the documents Ny released. Note that it's only for Saturday 21 August and not for the critical 20 August. Note as well that Ny has scrubbed the entire document.

The header at the top says 'NOTES', then under it 'reported to'. There are two scribblings left by Marianne Ny. The first says '100821' (Saturday 21 August 2010) at 'kl. 1012' (10:12 AM). And at the bottom it says 'Ny kontakt i eftermiddag' ('new contact in the afternoon'). The 'ny' could conceivably be Marianne Ny herself but it's not likely: Eva Finné was still to be assigned to the case.

Everything else is scrubbed. Worse still: Marianne Ny knows 21 August is not the day that's interesting. The day that's interesting is 20 August, the day before, when all those mysterious goings-on happened at the Klara police station and in the office of Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand, the goings-on that became the basis of a formal complaint by Sweden's 'ACLU'.

The goings-on that resulted in WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's name being blasted all over the Internet, in violation of Sweden's code of journalistic ethics, in violation of the prosecutor's office oath of secrecy. The goings-on that may include discrete communications first with the office of the minister of justice, and then with the office of Carl Bildt himself.

And who knows in the US after that. Bildt's ties to the CIA are a matter of record.

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